In the lift

I have been taught to rehearse for the casual question which might be asked at a dinner party or even in the lift. The theory is that you never know who you might meet and your answer to the casual question must leave an impression. The concept had it’s origins in the pressure cooker which is Hollywood but it obviously has a wider application. I have taken it seriously.


14th Century Historical Fiction.


Foix and the surrounding foothills of the Pyrenees

Quick ID for older readers

Ivanhoe meets Angelique

For younger readers

Mother Teresa meets Laura Croft


We have a secret weapon, that weapon is terror.
For someone who is supposed to be a weapons specialist, you are not very good with your hands!


Light, sensual, but with passages of extreme violence.

Brief Pitch

A young girl refuses to comply with the constraints and expectations placed on her by her guardian, her mother and and ultimately two entire nations.

Adventure  and romance in Occitan with the Black Prince.


Destinies invisibly and indivisably entwined.

The most dangerous woman in the world