Andrew Danbury 25 February 1373

Andrew thumped the table with his wooden spoon. ‘Quiet!Quiet’

He glanced around within for the last vestiges of conversation to died down

‘So at our last session we learned that Diana, the Countess of Shaftesbury is in fact Ximene Trencavel, who was originally intended to marry the Prince, but by mutual consent the marriage never took place.

We learned that her wealth originated from her family treasure but  in 1356 Ximene, was an eighteen year old girl in a foreign country. She had no experience of the etiquette of the English court or of the process of negotiation. and she was separated from her champion John Stanley who was serving with the Prince in Aquitaine. She was now known as Diana, Countess of Shaftesbury but wealth does not necessarily equate to power.’

‘Where is John Stanley now?’

‘Are you going to explain how she acquired that power?’

‘I will make a start. The difficulties she faced made her determined to succeed and Ximene’s greatest advantage was her friendship with Joan of Kent, but other factors were brought into play.

‘What about the others? Pipa de Roet, Alyse and Janyn Perrers?’

‘All in good time, All in good time.’


we know that pipa married geoffrey de chaucer in 1366. she met chaucer whilst in the service of lionel of antwerp.

there is a belief that the marriage was a cover for a relationship with John of Gaunt who’s first wife blanche of lancaster died in 1368

she had two children between 1364 (before marriage to chaucer)  &1367 quite probably gaunt’s children and two other children later one as late as 1383

they both worked fo edward iii until death of queen phillipa in 1369 when the moved to the service of john of gaunt who married constance of seville in 1371

catherine gave birth to the first Beaufort in 1372 the conclusion is that the marriage to constance was simply a dynastic marriage

Phillipa died in 1387 in spain?

catherine first child 1373


betrothed 1342 married 1352 in France 1355  Duke of Clarence 1362 in paris 1367 died 1368

John of Gaunt married 1359 duke lancaster 1362

2nd marriage  at roquefort 1371

1386 Spain returned after pipa’s death in 1371

Alyse kings mistress  1362-3 Queen Phillipa died 1389 King died 1377.

catherine swynford children1366? 1367,68,69 beau forts 1373 75 77 79

garronne navigable to casters en dorthe (half way between landon and la reole




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