1 Aftermath

Rene Bonfils – 21 June 1355

The village of Monsegur was deadly quiet.  The lightest of breezes caressed the trees surrounding the village and the tinkling of water from the nearby brook could be clearly heard.

Rene Bonfils emerged cautiously from the bedroom, he turned to signal to his wife and two daughters to stay where they were, closed the door behind him and laborously pulled a set of shelves so that the door was totally hidden from view.

He carefully opened a shutter and gazed up and down the street. It was more than an hour since there had been pounding on his front door.

There was a creak as he now edged the same door open.  Taking a deep breath he once again surveyed the street. Eventually he stepped through the door and immediately saw extensive traces of blood on the sandy surface of the nearby junction.

He jumped as a horse and cart creaked into view. He backed hurriedly towards his door and almost fell over his feet in doing so. He then recognised Sebastien Sartre, the constable of  the Chateau Monsegur, as the driver of the cart. He gave a sigh of relief and relaxed.

He waited until Sebastien dismounted. ‘What?‘

Sebastien cut him off. ‘Get off the street Rene, we are still in danger.’

‘Danger, from who? From whoever murdered those two men outside my house?’ He pointed to the bloodstain. I saw it happen, sorry not the right phrase. Through the shutters I saw them drop dead but I have no idea who did it or how it was done.

‘Not murdered Rene, killed. The men who died were routiers, mercenaries of the worse kind’

‘And who killed them?’

‘Professional soldiers, who were my guests at the Chateau last night.’ He glanced upward at the chateau towering over the village.’

‘And you moved the bodies?’

‘With some help,  It was necessary. As I said, the danger is not over. There has been a full scale battle between the soldiers and the routiers  on the meadow above the village.

The soldiers won the battle but there may be routiers who have escaped. Allowing them to discover their comrades lying in the middle of the village would not have been a good idea. In the short term stay inside. I will gather as many as possible of my guards and then we should meet as soon as possible in the church. I will let you know when. i can only repeat we are still in danger.’

The most dangerous woman in the world

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