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The feudal system was originally designed to provide a measure of stability, in an uncertain world. However it tolerates, perhaps even encourages, changes in allegiances. This leads to shifting boundaries and constant warfare.

Now, in the middle of the fourteenth century, the concept of nation states slowly emerges from feudal chaos, resulting in larger wars being fought more frequently.

It is a world rich in contrasts, an amalgam of adventure, romance and danger. It is a world of great opportunity for those with courage and vision, but a world in which the cost of failure is often a brutally violent death.

One candidate for nationhood is a grouping of territories just north of the Pyrenees. The people living in these territories speak Occitan, not French, and are  united by a common culture and a common faith, the Cathar religion.

The King of the Franks is determined to retain the lands of Occitan within his own realm and the Church of Rome is determined to eradicate the Cathar Religion.

The heiress to these lands is a sixteen year old girl. She must decide . Will she abandon her people to their fate, or will she protect them,  even at great personal risk.

The most dangerous woman in the world

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