About The Author

Brian Lilley is the creator of the character Ximene and the stories about her adventures as she fights against oppression in Occitan.

Until 2001 he worked as an Engeering consultant serving a wide range of clients in Australasia and South East Asia.

He wrote a number of text books dealing with engineering management.

The stories about Ximene took shape in hotel rooms and alongside hotel swimming pools, during Brian’s years touring the southern continents on various lecture tours.
He has always been an avid student of history. However the book about Ximene Trencavel has lead him to several areas for which he had no previous knowledge
He is now most interested in the powerful women, who for a short period, dominated the politics of 14th century England.

These women are a continuing sub-plot in the stories about Ximene. 

The most dangerous woman in the world