Ximene’s Genealogy

It was not only kings who claimed the right to rule! There were many of those who considered themselves of nobel birth, who also claimed possession of the Sangreal, the holy blood. One of these families was the Trencavels, Ximene’s family.

The Trencavel Inheritance

trencavel-inheritance In the late 14th century some descendant of the Comte of Carcassonne, Beziers, Albi and Razes had rights to the most enormous tracts of land.

In history the last person to make the claim was Raimond II Trencavel in 1247, but he failed to retake Carcassonne from the French and gave up his claim.

The St Gilles Inheritance

st-gilles-inheritance The claim exceeded the territories of the trencavel lands. There was a legitimate claim to far more than the Trencavel territories. In 1249 Raimond VII of Toulose, died,  effectively dispossessed by Louis VIII of France who arranged a forced marriage between his son, Alphonse and Raimond’s  daughter Joan.

The marriage was childless and therefore after Alphonse died  the rights reverted  the descenants of  Azelais de St Gilles and on to the Trencavels

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