Alyse Perrers (Perez)

Alyse tries to attain control. Purposeful and wilful, she believes that she can manipulate anyone to her point of view.

She believes that in the end whatever is good for her will be good for everyone.

She does a deal with Ximene to impersonate Ximene after her escape believing that this will provide her with contacts with powerful men.  At this level, she has immense amounts of self-confidence. Alyse is brutally honest and will do almost anything to advance her cause.

Those who are not too close to her admire her decisiveness and perseverance. The flaw in her approach is that her wilfulness doesn’t always take into consideration the needs of those around her, steamrollering them, overpowering them, and relying heavily on her ability to control them.

Control is a real issue for her. She expects other people to stand up for themselves. Alyse is uncomfortable with relationships where she does not have control, but when her softer side surfaces, it gives her that much-needed third dimension.

The most dangerous woman in the world

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