Bertrand du Guesclin

Bertrand is evil. There is no other word for it.

Rather than wite a complete profile I enclose an extract from the Isle of Jersey information brochure.

In the main square of the Breton town of Dinan there is a fine equestrian statue of Bertrand du Guesclin, Constable of France, guerrilla fighter, knight, master of siege warfare and all-round gallic hero.

There is no similar statue in Jersey – and for a very good reason. In 1373, while Sir William Asthorpe was Warden of the Channel Islands and Jean de St Martin was chief justice or Bailiff, du Guesclin, accompanied by the Duke of Bourbon, led a large invasion force of his French compatriots to the Island’s shores.

The Black Dog of Brittany – or, more accurately, La Dogue Noir de Brocéliande, the great Breton forest – as du Guesclin was known, soon overran the Island, capturing Grosnez Castle in the process. His forces also burned property and killed Islanders indiscriminately.

Some idea of his brutality can be gathered from accounts of du Guesclin’s campaigns in northern Spain, where Jews and Moors were systematically put to the sword or even burned alive.”

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