Don Fernandino

Don Fernandino is an associate of Guillaume de Clermont Dessu. Don Fernandino is also part of “Les Etoilles” the organisation devoted to saving Cathars from the inquisition.
He has been involved in many famous rescues and has become a legend amongst the cathar faithful. Some of the rescues have seemed so incredible that he is said to be able to appear and disappear at will and to wrap a cloak of invisibility around those he rescues.

In reality there is a simple illusion he uses to achieve these impossible feats but is an illusion he will not reveal to anyone.

He becomes unhappy with recent changes in the structure and management of “Les Etoiles” and fears that it has been penetrated ┬áby popish agents. He sets out to create a new organisation with a renewed focus on the basic objective which has been provisionally identified as Les Ombres sans nom – The shadows without a name.

The most dangerous woman in the world

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