John Stanley

John grew up firmly under the guidance of his father. John is driven by an uncompromising ethic. He has been told about chivalry and chivalrous values and believes that he must comply with them.

He must obey his father, his lord, his King and God. Within this framework, he must respect women and always help a woman in distress. It has never occurred to him that there may be more than one ruler he has to consider, even less that there may be more than one God.

On his first contact with the real world as a trainee squire, he was severely bullied. As a result, he learns to be sociable and outgoing to attract friends and allies.

As an adult, John carries this need to be accepted by a system or authority figure wherever he goes.  He considers himself born to serve and once he understands what is required he tries his utmost to deliver.

He is generous and considerate which leads him to go beyond what is specified to help colleagues and protect those who are threatened.  He welcomes army life. He progresses rapidly through the lower ranks of the army because of this ethic.

The most dangerous woman in the world

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