Lady Eleanor de Pedilla

Eleanor enjoyed a privileged and protected childhood. Unfortunately from her late teens onwards she has experienced a series of traumatic experiences.

Her strength is that she has emerged from this with her faith, hope and charity intact. Her weakness is that she has achieved this through a retreat into mysticism. She has become a perpetual innocent. She has come to regard her grand-daughter Ximene as an important part of the good god’s plan, in Christian terms a “second coming”. However she is acutely conscious that a good spirit needs practical support. In her own time of need, her former lover reappeared to reintroduce joy and fulfilment into her life. She now believes that a strong honourable man will appear who can deliver protection and love to Ximene.

This belief has become obsessive to the point where she is delaying all decisions concerning Ximene’s future welfare until the anticipated hero arrives.

The most dangerous woman in the world

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