Phillipa (Pipa) de Roet

Phillipa is a genuinely giving, accepting and warm person, who calms her inner fear of being unloved by helping or loving others.

She becomes personally involved with the person she is helping, looking for and finding an emotional connection, but tends to ignore or marginalising her own needs, seeing wanting or needing as selfish. Self-love is conditional; Phillipa loves herself only when giving.

Unknown to anyone she is a cousin to the Black Prince (her mother is Queen Phillipa’s sister)

She is very people-oriented and focuses on a specific kind of person.  The older man with who she gained her initial sexual experience was a soldier who specialised in security issues, so she gravitates towards those in a similar area of activity. There‚Äôs always a personal connection to what she is doing. She can also see the good in almost anyone (even when no one else can).  The fact that she loves to be loved has made her totally bisexual but let there be no mistake if she ever did consider only herself, she really prefers men.

Pipa is interested in John Stanley. and up to the time Ximene escapes, both Ximene and her Grandmother assume that if Ximene marries the Prince, Pipa will marry John thus providing cover for Ximene to continue her affair with both of them without arousing suspicion.

However during the flight from Foix, without consulting Pipa, Ximene and her grandmother decide she will not marry the Prince. Mindful of the fact that this leaves Pipa in Limbo Ximene suggests that John visit Pipa in Bordeaux. He takes it the wrong way feeling that Ximene is simply passing him on to another woman.

Pipa trails Don fernandino to Ximene and after her reunion with Ximene drives John away.  She learns that Ximene does not want to marry the prince but in fact, wants a continuing relationship with John, She suggests to Pipa that a menage a trois is not only welcome but desirable However Pipa should form a relationship with some other influential person who could advance their cause.

Depends on who it is. We will look when we visit Bordeaux.

This then leads to a relationship with John of Gaunt, Earl of Richmond and her residence at Canford Manor on the River Stour only 18 miles from Ximene’s home at Shaftesbury. at the time Canford Manor was famous as the location from which Alice de lacy wife of thomas of Lancaster had been kidnapped by John de Warrenne

The most dangerous woman in the world

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