William de Montacute

William is descended from the Scandinavian kings of the isles. Because of this heritage, he is not only the Earl of Salisbury but also King of Mann.

Every story has its heroes.  Few stories have a genuine saint.

William has lived his whole life in the service of the Black Prince. By being so steadfast in his regard for the Prince’s welfare, he has reached a position of prominence. He is commander of the Prince’s rearguard and that does not mean trailing along at the back of the army. It means being responsible for everything concerned with the Prince’s safety.

He needs to make close contacts with the Prince’s potential enemies as well as his friends which leaves him vulnerable to accusations of treachery and treason.

He is one of those rare people who genuinely puts the interest of his friends and lovers above any consideration of self-preservation.

He articulates the creed held dear by everyone concerned in intelligence gathering and surveillance. “If you don’t need to know then  I am not going to tell you.”

He advances his position by advocating the creation of a physical bodyguard for the prince and becoming its first commander.

William risks undermining his own position, status and emotional stability to help the woman he loves, Joan of Kent, achieve her ambition of marrying the Black Prince.

His position is increasingly compromised by his love for Joan.

The most dangerous woman in the world

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