Ximene Trencavel

Ximene’s childhood was very unstable because bother parents died young. Her uncle, Gaston de  Foix becomes her guardian.

She finds stability from her grandmother Lady Eleanor.  However Eleanor then creates internal conflict for Ximene by defining Ximene’s destiny but failing to give her support to fulfill that destiny. In this way Eleanor continually re-establishes the instability.

Brought up to believe that her destiny is to recover her family lands and to rekindle the Cathar faith she is innocent enough to think it will inevitably happen.  She cannot believe that God would have given so many people this vision if it could not be fulfilled. As she discovers how difficult it may be to implement this destiny, she becomes disillusioned and at least internally has started to blame others.

She rationalises this situation as a need for freedom. She believes that if she were to become free to make her own decisions then she could make it happen.

She is not entirely sure how freedom would help her however.

The only freedom she identifies is the freedom to decide if she should marry and if she does decide in favour of marriage, freedom to choose her own partner.

This latter issue is urgent as her hand is being offered in marriage for Gaston de Foix’s political advantage. The favoured candidate is the Black Prince.

The most dangerous woman in the world