A Kings Ransom

Joan of Kent facilitates Ximene’s entry into the English aristocracy and makes sure that she gets good value from her negotiations with King Edward.

John develops a parallel relationship with the Prince by helping him train his army to prepare for the battle of Poitiers. In return the  Prince teaches John everything he knows about Jousting.

John helps Ximene to obtain a licence for the trading rights between Agen, Bordeaux and England.

Ximene  meets King Jean of the Franks, after his capture at the battle of Poitiers, and positions John as the   “honest broker” representing King Jean’s interest in a Frankish Civil war between his own son Charles and Charles of Navarre, who is Gaston’s brother in law.

John uses his  subsequent relationship with King Jean to arrange  award to Ximene the trading rights between Narbonne and Toulouse. He then convinces the Prince that this is a better solution than invading Occitan.

There are many sub plots

The revolt of the french peasantry (the Jaquerie) and Gaston’s role in putting down the revolt.

The difficulty experienced in raising King Jean’s ransome and Ximene’s use of her wealth to obtain a position in the French aristocracy.

The amorous adventures of Pipa de roet.

Ximene’s purchase of Landon House in Shaftsbury.

The development Of Ximenes Trading Fleet.

The activities of A quasi-cathar society in England ( foreigner of The Hellfire Club)

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