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08-wormsgau-to-saxony  It is not clear how it was discovered that the Wormsgau line was not as exclusive as Hugh Capet hoped it was. It is even possible that the genealogists working for the Capet family revealed it themselves by demonstrating that both his parents shared the bloodline. The line to his mother required a female link but other than that it was a valid documented link.


The discovery of the second link meant however that the line was shared with other families, specifically the Holy Roman Emperors of the Salien Family and the Norman kings of England. These two lines were then merged merged when Henry I of England’s daughter, Matilda, married Heinrich Salian.


The bloodline then passed, within the nobility of Germany to the Hohenstauffens and from them to Blanche d’Artois, yes her again, further increasing the value her bloodline. Not shown on any of the diagrams is the fact that Blanche’s sister Jeanne married Gaston, Compte de Foix and her grandson was Gaston Phoebus, the Compte de Foix,who features in our stories about Ximene. ( see Ximene’s Genealogy)


There is a further major recipient of the Wormsgau blood line. Roger Mortimer was identified in “Holy Blood” as a recipient the Dagobert bloodline though the Fiennes Family. his fathers family can be tracked back to Walter de St Martin


And Walter St Martin is in turn a descendant of Lambertus of Neustria. Therefore there is a direct patrilinial link between Clovis and Roger Mortimer. According to the rules laid down by the election of Hugh Capet, should the male succession of the Capet line fail, then the next King of France should be Roger Mortimer or his son! The Hugh Capet election also placed emphasis on the nobility of the wife chosen by the candidates for that election. Suppose the mother of Mortimer’s son was herself the daughter of a Capet! Isabelle of France whose grandmother was no other than Blance d’Artois by her second husband Henry of Navarre was in the right place at the right time to be that mother. The Wormsgau lineage from father and mother. That child would surely be the one with the right to rule!


Roger Mortimer had another important blood line. His great grandmother was Gwladys Dhu Verch Llewelyn, daughter of Llewelyn the great, King of all the Britons. In the annals of the British, her own lineage streched back to Jesus by a route independent of the Merovingians. Thus Roger Mortimer was in terms of the Right to Rule quite unique. Isabelle of France arrived in England armed with the genealogical knowledge to know how important Roger Mortimer was, the only question was, how to make use of that knowledge? Glwadys took a second husband after Ralph de Mortimers death, his name was Reginald de Braose and their son William de Braose was the ancestor of the Tudor family


One other lineage had an effect on future events a further sub branch of the Dagobert line, via another female link was the Bohun family. Marie de Bohun was Henry Iv’s first wife. Henry then went on to marry Jeanne of Navarre who did have the Wormsgau bloodline via her great great grandmother Blanche d’Artois but Henry and Jeanne had no children

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