2005 Priory Of Sion

Much of the information  we have about the dagobert line has been completely discredited by the activities of Pierre de Plantard. It was Plantard who claimed to be the leader of  The Prieure Of Sion. Supposedly the Prieure was an offshoot of the real Abbey of of Our Lady of Mount Zion founded by Godfroid De Buillion in Jerusalem. This abbey taken over by the Jesuits in the 1600’s.

In order to make the order of Scion seem real Plantard created a documents called “the secret files of Henri Lobineau” which he planted in the Bibliotheque Nationale de France in Paris.

In 1967 Gerard de Sade wrote a book “L’or de Rennes” which became popular in France and attracted the attention of Henry Lincoln. The book claimed that the mystery documents, found by the Abbee Berenger Sauniere during a renovation of his church in Rennes le Château, contained information about the Dagobert Line and confirmed the earlier forged document.

At that time Lincoln was a scriptwriter for British TV.  He was holidaying near Rennes le Château, which is within the ancient Compte de Razes and therefore potentially the area to which Dagobert escaped and founded his second family.

Using his contacts with British TV, between 1972-1979 Lincoln produced three TV programmes dealing with the mystery of Rennes le Château. He subsequently wrote the book ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail” and co-operated with Micheal Baigent and Richard Leigh. This book was followed up by “The Messanic Legacy”

In the course of their investigations the documents in the Bibliotheque were “discovered”. The Rennnes -le Château industry had been founded and the tiny hill top village put firmly on the tourist agenda. Without doubt it is a pleasant place to visit and Saunier’s church is quite bizarre.

In 1993 Pierre de Plantard was discredited by claiming that Roger-Patrice Pelat was a past master of the Prieure de Sion. Pelat was a high profile associate of the french president who later came under investigation for insider trading and Plantard’s home was raided by the French Police. Dozens of forged documents were discovered including one which contained a claim that Plantard himself was the rightful King of France. Under oath Plantard confessed that everything pertaining to “the Prieure of Scion” was a hoax and the associated documents forgeries.

In the period immediately following Plantard’s interrogation, the whole of the content of the Lincoln books was revived by Dan Brown in his 2003 book “The Da Vinci Code’ which in 2006 was made into a popular film. Lincoln sued Dan Brown for breach of copyright, but his case was rejected by an english court on the grounds that “It was not possible to copyright history.”, a judgement which the promotors of Dan Brown’s book and film seized upon.

Both Lincoln and Lynn Picket, author of the book ‘The Sion Revelation” harbour beliefs that the whole Plantard episode may have been an elaborate double hoax to hide the existence of the real secret society, which may or may not be called the ‘Priory of Scion.”

The genealogies contained on this site no not even refer to the “Priory of Scion” but show that the Menovingian blood lines were highly prized in the middle ages and may well still influence decisions on the choice of partners right down to the present day.

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