Princess of Parthia

Octavia’s school

15-flight-from-actium In order to investigate an alternative Mary Magdelene it is necessary to re-visit what happened after the battle of Actium. The Roman Historians say that Antonius, Cleopatra and Caesarion died but that Cleopatra Selene, Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus were taken to Rome.

Having been marched through the Forum as part of Actavian’s triumph for his victory over Antonius all three children joined Octavia’s School.

17-octavias-school It was a very special school attended only by her own children and the children of client kings. Here the future of the Empire was plotted and key players trained in their roles.

School’s Out

18-schools-out We do not know anything about the curriculum but what we do know is that a series of marriages were arranged. Because of the principles of line breeding we can be sure that all these marriages were between members of the Egyptian royal, and now very extended, family.


The marriage of Alexander of Judea and Glaphera of Cappodoccia brought together two strands of Antonius’ family; another splendid example of line breeding at work.

20-juba-travels-east This did not end Glaphera’s role. Alexander her husband was murdered by Herod and when Cleopatra Selene died. Juba II travelled east and married her.

Mark Anthony’s dynasty

21-mark-anthonys-dynasty Thus in Cappadoccia there were six children in the same household , all of them Antonius’ great grandchildren. We can be sure that Juba II would also be part of this extended family. It is supposed that he was descended from both Tyre and Carthage related nations which the Egyptians would have tried to infiltrate before they decided to concentrate on Rome.


23-to-parthia Cleopatra of Mauretania then moved east to Parthia were she married Phraates IV. Phraates was descended on both sides from the Kings of Persia (Darius and Xerxes) and so yet another member of the extended Egyptian family.

24-to-aurania Having given birth to three children Cleoparta of Mauretania left Parthia to set up a new kingdom close to the Sea of Galilee.

The cover story is that she murdered Praates and had to flee the country, but it is possible that the relocation was for other reasons. The area of her new kingdom is today known as Hauran. She is known as Thea Ourania Muse. I suspect the Ourania was added after the move not before!


39-auanitis Octavian certainly approved of the move, recognising the new kingdom as Auranitis (Ouranitis?)
The new kingdom was split off from the Roman province of Syria

Octavian specifically gave the Governorship of Auranitis to the Herod family and from 4AD it was governed by Philip(the Tetrach) who was the son of Herod and Cleopatra of Jerusalem. Philip turned the small fishing village of Bethsaida into a city(Bethsaida Julia)

In the gospels it was the home of Peter, Andrew, and Philip, and Jesus went there frequently.

Extracted from

“Jesus also rebuked the people there for not receiving his teachings:

Luke 10:13-16 “Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the mighty works which were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago, sitting in sackcloth and ashes. But it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the judgment than for you. And you, Capernaum, who are exalted to heaven, will be thrust down to Hades. He who hears you hears Me, he who rejects you rejects Me, and he who rejects Me rejects Him who sent Me.”

The Marriage at Cana

30-the-ministry If the flight to Egypt did take place then the return to Galilee after the death of Herod the Great was to Galilee not Judaea. This change was said to be to avoid Herod Archleus, considered to de as unpredictable and dangerous as his father. If the place chosen in Galilee was Nazareth or nearby Sopphori then this was very close to where the family of Cleopatra of Mauritania settled, in fact just across the Jordan River.

Herod Archleus

22-glaphera-to-judaea Glaphera, still married to Juba II then travelled south to Judea and entered into a bigamous marriage with Herod Archleus she is said to have fallen madly in love with him.

27-archleus-dismissed Within a very short time Herod Archleus was deposed by Octavian, or persuaded to retire by Glaphera, and retired to the family estates in Vienne (Rhone Valley).

Meanwhile in Auranitis the fateful union of Jesus and Magdalen took place. Her Roman name was possibly derived from the Aurania, shortened to Arria.

27-archleus-dismissed Mariame’s sister Julia Aurania then conveniently reveals the family relationships by marrying Ptolemy of Mauretania.

Queen Elizabeth

to-elizabeth This is a very significant part of the Egyptian family. There is a commonly quoted link between Cleopatra(the Cleopatra) and Queen Elizabeth II of England and it passes through Julia Auriania, Ptolemy of Mauretania and their daughter Druscilla.

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The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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Pseudo History


Extract from The Prisoner of Foix--Chapter 43 -The EntranceNo need to buy a Kindle. Read it on your computer or tablet

John Stanley-26th April 1355


'Looks like we are going to see a bit of excitement, John. The Captain tried to get an agreement from the Prince that if there is surf running across the channel to Arcachon we will turn back to Bordeaux, but the Prince would hear none of it. Instead, he has offered to provide insurance for all three ships. If they are damaged or sunk, the owners will be compensated and every sailor who makes the passage will be given a bounty payment. What none of this seems to take into account is that if we sink in rough, fast-flowing waters we might all drown.'

John raised his eyebrows. 'But that is what we are going to do?'

'Yes, despite the fact that surf running accross the entrance is not uncommon and the deep water channel moves continually. In the end, the Prince attacked their captains on their weakest point, their professional pride! He threw down the gauntlet. He offered to take the Sally first through the channel, and to take control during the passage.' He raised his brow. 'We are going into the Bay of Arcachon, come what may! '

Extract from The Eagle of Carcassone -- Chapter 24-- A Real GoddessNo need to buy a Kindle. Read it on your computer or tablet

John Stanley - 22 July 1355

An hour later John walked with Ximene close to the river along the valley below St Feriole. It was the very essence of a summer’s day. The sun was fierce but in the shadow of the trees, it was cool and fragrant. The trees and shrubs along the riverbank hid their progress, from the Château, from St Feriole.

Eventually they reached a point where John thought it was safe to emerge from cover. To his satisfaction the stream extended into a pool with a sandy beach, shaded by trees. Where the stream entered the pool there was a flat grassy area, almost circular. Behind this, the bulk of two mountain ridges provided a splendid backdrop. He looked around once more ‘Not just a good training ground but a great training ground. If the Greek heroes knew about this they might be tempted to join me, to train with me’

Ximene laughed out loud. He turned to look at her. She had removed her outer clothes and was wearing a white chemise, cut short so that it barely reached her knees. Around her waist, she wore a plaited leather belt, obviously fashioned from the multitude of leather straps to be found in the tackle room.

She ran her hands down over her breasts. ‘When you were unconscious I heard you muttering about gods and goddesses, so  I have decided that from now on, for you, I will be the goddess.’

The Prisoner of FoixVol 1 of the series—The Treasure of Trencavel

Aquitaine, an English possession, is in crisis. It is under threat from neighbouring nations and internal dissension.

The Black Prince, King Edward III’s eldest son has been given the task of taking command in Aquitaine.

Suddenly there is an opportunity. Ximene Trencavel is the heiress to the lands of Occitan, to the east of Aquitaine: lands controlled by the Franks. Ximene wants independence, both for herself and for Occitan.

A union between Aquitaine and Occitan would be mutually beneficial. The Black Prince undertakes a secret journey to meet Ximene to negotiate a marriage contract. It is, however, a marriage neither of them really wants.

Meanwhile, the  Franks plot to murder Ximene to prevent ,not just the marriage, but any kind of union between England and Occitan.

The Eagle Of CarcassonneVol II of the series—The Treasure of Trencavel

The loose alliance between Ximene Trencavel and the Black Prince is under threat.

The Prince invades Occitan, to show his support for Ximene but it becomes an invasion which creates more problems than it solves.

The Prince has fallen hopelessly in love with Joan of Kent and Joan is now determined to marry him and become the next Queen of England.

Joan is therefore  determined to convince Ximene that she should not marry the Prince.

Part of her strategy is to encourage Ximene’s relationship with John Stanley—one of the Princes bodyguards—not an easy task as both John and Ximene have doubts about their compatibility.

However, John is grievously injured in a battle and Ximene commits herself to nurse him back to health.