The Author Of Gospel Q

The author of Gospel Q

The ancestry of the Piso’s on the paternal side is is unsure (from Caesars divorced wife?) but it on their maternal side they are descended from Mariamne “Aria” who was probably the granddaughter of Herod and one of the candidates for Mary Magdelene. ( there are other genealogies and candidates). Mariamne was possibly a mistress of Claudius and therefore this branch of the Piso family could be descended from Claudius. Claudius was a prolific writer and historian. He could have written the gosple Q and if Claudius was Jesus or Jesus was Claudius, by any of the scenario’s identified above, above then it means that the Gosple Q was written by Jesus himself.  The later works by his descendants could still be a total distortion of his original history or his objective from the very start could have been to write a fictional account to provide the basis for a new religion.

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