Who was Jesus?


There is a strong belief amongst Christians Of all denominations that the bible, the whole bible, old and new testament is the word of God.  That the various scribes and translators have been inspired to write the word of god without error.

13-exiles-dates The genealogical problems found in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew leads to considerations of whether Jesus was something other than the persona awarded him by the Church Of Rome Just suppose that the machinations of the Egyptian Romans extended into Judea at the time Jesus was born! Just suppose that his parents were not what the Church of Rome has said they were!

Suppose that Both Alexander Helios and Caesarion found refuge in Judea!

15-flight-from-actium After the flight from Actium apparently Herod changed sides. He had been a supporter of Antonius, hardly surprising if Antonius was indeed his father but now he suddenly switched allegience to Octavian. Again the question, why? Antonius and Cleopatra still had a massive army in the East. Why were they never mobilised against Octavian?

Line Breeding

06-alternate-mother If the exiles (Caesarian and Alexander Helios) are now superimposed on the genealogical solution suggested by Eusebius then something looking very much like an Egyptian family emerges. There is however, one element missing ; the matrilineal successor to Cleopatra. Cleopatra of Jerusalem is a recognised historical figure, but who was she?

05-esubius-with-substitutions Possibly she was another daughter of Cleopatra, in which case the “holy family” was an almost perfect example of line breeding, something which had been practiced in Egypt for over two thousand years.

There is an argument against Cleopatra of Jerusalem being Caesar’s daughter. It is based around the Declaration of Alexandria made in 34BC by which Antonius bequeathed the eastern part of the Eastern Roman Empire to Cleopatra’s children. Caesar’s son Caesarion, Anthony’s children; Alexander Helios, Cleopatra Selene and Ptolemy Philadelphus all received kingdoms but Caesar’s daughter, nominally Cleopatra VIII, who who under Egyptian practice would have determined the succession, did not.

Alternatively there is a belief that when Cleopatra fled from Rome after Caesar’s assassination she was pregnant with a second child. It is supposed that this child would have been Cleopatra. However this belief depends on oblique references from Roman historians.

Suppose the Donations of Alexandria was a Roman Fiction to discredit Anthony.

The children known about in Rome would be included in such a fiction but Cleopatra VIII, unknown in Rome would not. In these circumstances it is possible Cleopatra VIII did exist.

The circumstantial evidence is that Cleoptra of Jerusalem appeared in Judaea in the same year that Antonius and Cleopatra are supposed to have committed suicide.

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There have been many attempts to unravel
jesus parentage (and extended family). Many of these attempts combine the Gospel Genealogies, the theories of Eusebius with information from Jewish records.

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There is no perfect solution. However look at the biblical names for Joseph’s brothers Ptolas and Clopas!?

Simply trying to draw these diagrams introduces another problem. Who was Mary Magdelene?
To comply with the Egyptian matrilineal succession she would have to be the most senior female from Cleopatra’s family.

If all of this was a democratic process then the vote would be for Mariamne Arria who has been nominated to be the daughter of Herod’s son Aristobulus and Herod’s sister Salome’s daughter Berenice.

However Berenice’s father is supposed to be Costabarus with no identifiable links to anyone in Egypt. Of course Berenice’s father could have been someone else entirely.

Jesus is Claudius

In this scenario Jesus message was deliberately defined and propagated by the Roman State, who found the Jewish faith totally contradictory to it’s own fundamental beliefs. Jesus was one and the same person as the Emperor Claudius. Claudius, intellectually strong though physically disabled was sent to Judaea. Having completed his ministry, he was not crucified, he returned to Rome. Claudius disabilities were caused by a miss-managed fake crucifiction.

One might ask how a complete stranger could be launched into Judaean society. In fact the gospels themselves give us one possible explanation. that jesus was hidden away from his twelveth to his thirtieth year and suddenly launched his ministry in Galilee, not in Judaea itself. The objective was to establish Jesus in the persona of the Messiah, deliver the chosen message and then terminate his ministry to make a folk hero of him.

Claudius then returned to Rome, became Emporer and propagated stories about himself.

This version does not require multiple alter egos, merely careful stage management.

Claudius is Jesus

A totally separate speculation is that the Roman State was actually controlled by the Egyptian State, who also disapproved of the Jewish beliefs. In second scenario Jesus’ maternal grandfather was Alexander Helios, son of Cleopatra VII and Mark Anthony and his paternal grandmother was Cleopatra VIII daughter of Cleopatra VII and Julius Caesar. To make it doubly incestuous Cleopatra VIII ‘s partner was Caesarion, her full brother.

They also operated under thinly vailed aliases,  Helios is known in the scriptural record as Heli and Cleopatra VIII is known as “Cleopatra Of Jerusalem”. The mission in Jerusalem was the same; to create a religion to replace the jewish religion. This jesus in later life became the Emperor of rome, Claudius.

interestingly Claudius mentor in rome was Herod Aggripa grandson of Herod and therefore quite possibly great grandson of Antonius.

Somebody Else

Scenario 3 and 4 (and others)That Jesus was an important person from some other origin, either a son of Herod the Great, or the King of Edessa or a son of Juba of Mauritania.

For all of these later scenario’s Jesus may have gone to Rome and there been substituted for an ailing Claudius, who was then permitted peaceful retirement. Claudius the Emperor had many mistresses any one of which might have been Mary Magdelene.

Mary Magdelene

The identity of Mary Magdelene is in fact a totally different issue and there is an even wider range of speculation, many of which place her origins in Egypt.

Josephus was a Piso

A by-product of investigations into these scenarios is the discovery of a theory that the whole of the new testament, all four gospels, acts of the apostles and epistles and revelations was created by the Piso branch of the Gens Calpurnia.

The scenario also requires that the writings of Josephus, the roman historian with Jewish origins, who mentions Jesus as a historical figure were also a Piso fabrication.

The Piso motivation was to subvert the spread of Judaism and created a set of beliefs which made the lower levels of roman society accepting of their role and therefore preserve their own privileged position. In the Piso scenario, Jesus never existed and everything in the new testament is manipulative fiction.

Total Deception

If this final scenario is true then the Cathars, despite their separate heritage and development away from the influence of Rome, were fooled as completely as members of the Church of Rome.

Initially, because Ximene as a Cathar could not have known of this scenario, it have given it  a lower level of attention. However there is a sting in the tail of this tale. Another theory is that the four main gospels were all based on an earlier gospel, known as the Gospel Q.

The author of Gospel Q

The ancestry of the Piso’s on the paternal side is is unsure (from Caesars divorced wife?) but it on their maternal side they are descended from Mariamne “Aria” who was probably the granddaughter of Herod and one of the candidates for Mary Magdelene. ( there are other genealogies and candidates). Mariamne was possibly a mistress of Claudius and therefore this branch of the Piso family could be descended from Claudius. Claudius was a prolific writer and historian. He could have written the gosple Q and if Claudius was Jesus or Jesus was Claudius, by any of the scenario’s identified above, above then it means that the Gosple Q was written by Jesus himself.  The later works by his descendants could still be a total distortion of his original history or his objective from the very start could have been to write a fictional account to provide the basis for a new religion.

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