2003 To Capture Rome

The rulers of Egypt set out to  get control of the roman state when in 200bc the tenacity of the romans led to  a situation in which Carthage could no longer harbour any pretentions of mediterranean supremacy. the techniques used previously in both Persia and Greece was used again;  a quiet  infiltration of roman society and a patient aquisition of power and influence.  There was widespread use of Egyptian women who then mated with visiting Egyptian relatives to produce a core of pure blooded Egyptians.  As early as 164 Bc Ptolemy VI ran away to Rome and lived there anonymously.

Events in Egypt demanded Ptolemy Vi’s recall.  His observation of developments in Rome resulted in his allowing the Romans to take control of Egyptian administration.

It was by no means what it seemed to be, that the Egyptians allowed this to happen meant that they were already in control of Roman policy or confident they would soon gain control. 

Vast Roman resources were dedicated to the Egyptian war with Syria.

In 107 BC ,  Ptolemy IX (known as called Soter) took advantage of the situation which had been created and determined to push Rome from a republic to a dictatorship, thus making the process of control all the more certain.

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