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The relationship between Navarre and the Franks was unusual.

Juana Of Navarre married PhilipIv of France and it was their children who became involved in the Tour Nestlé affair.

See Les Rois Maudite.

Louis X married Margaretha Of Burgundy who was found guilty of adultery. Nevertheless their daughter Juana II was allowed to marry Philippe d’Evereux and was accepted as Queen of Navarre.

Edward III of England was not the only one making claims on the Frankish throne. Charles II of Navarre, Philippe’s son, also made claims and intermittently entered treaties with Edward to make joint attacks on the Frankish homeland . Gaston de Foix was married to Agnes of Navarre, Charles’ sister, which made it difficult for Gaston to avoid involvment in the various intrigues.


The Artois were another branch of the Frankish royal family who were at various stage dissenting voices in the governance of the Frankish Nation.  one of their number Blanche d’Artois distinguished herself by marry members of both the Plantagenet and Navarese royal families, making Henry of Grosmont a cousin of Charles II of Navarre.

The Artois also married into the Foix family ,meaning that both Gaston de Foix and Ximene Trencavel are both relatively closely related to both the English  royal families


The Valois were distant cousins of Edward, whom the Frankish Estates General chose instead of Edward.  Initially the Frankish crown was taken by Philippe VI de Valois. His son John was proposed as a husband for another sister of Charles II of Navarre—Blanche d’Evreux. However when  Philippe met Blanche he was so taken by her beauty he married her himself.  In 1355 Blanche was still the wild card in Frankish Politics and was in conflict with the Dauphin Charles. The dauphin also entered into separate agreements with Charles II, with the purpose of deposing his own father!


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