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In his late teens Guillaume lived with his Mother in Montaillou.

During the Albigensian Crusade his family had been ejected from their home at Claremont-Dessus and his great grandfather had been murdered.

Montaillou, relatively isolated in the foothills of the Pyrenees had become a haven for dispossessed Cathars. It was situated close to what was then the Border with Aragon and a short distance away was the Aragonese town of Prades.

Prades was the summer home of Juan Garciez de Pedilla governor of the border lands. Eleanor was Juan’s daughter. she met Guillaume and feline love.

In 1308 when it was raided by the bishop of Palmiers,Jacques Fournier. The inhabitants of the village were rounded up and sent to be interrogated by the inquisition. Guillaume’s mother was burnt at the stake.

Guillaume swore revenge and left to Join “Les Etoiles”-the stars of the sea a secret organisation dedicated to helping Cathars escape from the inquisition and to provide them with safe havens where they could start a new life free from persecution.

Eleanor then married Roger Trencavel, but Guillaume used his contacts to keep informed about her welfare, when Roger died he returned to Eleanor’s side.

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