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The Black Prince is the eldest son of Edward III of England.

Other than Ximene herself and her partner John Stanley, the Black Prince is the most important character in the stories about Ximene, Without the actions of The Black Prince, John would never have met Ximene .

Price Edward has been raised as heir to the English throne. The emphasis in his education has been on duty and courage,  on honour and chivalry. At the age of 25 he is perceived to have excelled in all these areas.

The Prince is  brave but headstrong and occasionally reckless. However he is considered to be a good military strategist which does not quite fit in with his reputation for recklessness.

However he has two close companions, firstly William Montacute, The Earl of Salisbury and secondly the worldly wise Joan of Kent. They  acted as mentors to the Prince , providing the the input which created a balance between planning and action.

The relation between these three is known to have  been a menage à trois. It was relatively easy for Joan of Kent to influence the Prince—he was hopelessly in love with her.  

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