Chapter 100 Experiences Alternative

10 June 1355

The soldiers from the various allegiances eventually spread out as a long thin column. As it was two hundred strong it was unlikely to be attacked, nevertheless Lord James set up outriders on the ridges either side of the column. Once again he saw it as a training exercise. The Earl asked John to take part.

“Typical of what the rearguard and therefore the Lions has to do. Good experience for you.’

John was only too pleased to comply, at least it gave him something to do.

As the column neared Foix the outriders had to rejoin the cplumn  as they were forced closer and closer to the Ariège River. When approached from the north, as they were doing today, access was constrained by a narrow gorge through which the river flowed.  The cliffs on both sides of the gorge were fortified.   Only by passing through these outer defences could the town and the Château be reached.  As they moved through the gorge a view of the twin towers of the Château, elevated on a pillar of rock in the centre of the town, slowly emerged above the trees shrouding the river.

The campsite the Prince selected was on high ground to the west of the Château.  It gave them a most impressive view of the Château. It also meant that the occupants of the Château had a clear view of the impressive  camp which had been transported from Muret.

Ximene’s disappointment at her return to Foix was lightened by her reunion with Alyse.

‘So how were the riding lessons?’

‘Excellent, I have improved to the point where I feel very confident.  You were right about Henry. He is a lovely man’

Ximene tilted her head. ‘And…’

Alyse grinned. ‘No nothing. Nothing like that anyway. He commented on how much like you I am, he was surprised that as my riding improved my, my posture in the saddle, my ‘seat’  as he calls it,  became more and more like yours.  He showed me how when riding hard, you shorten your stirrups and I eventually managed that too. At first I found it much more difficult to control the horse with short stirrups but when I crouched over the horse’s neck we went like the wind.

Henry was very pleased, He took me to see the temple. Ximene, there in the temple Henri said a little prayer for your safety, there on his knees in the temple. I joined him.’

‘Oh! ‘You prayed together, in the temple?’ Ximene’s forehead creased as she raised an eyebrow.


‘You prayed for me, to me?’

Yes, no, oh, I don’t know.’ She shrugged. ‘Anyway, I was close to him and he told me how much I looked like you.’

Ximene assumed a disapproving look. ‘You are sure you were praying?’

‘Yes, yes.’ Ximene’s face wrinkled in disbelief.

‘Are you sure nothing else happened?’

‘No, I swear.’

’Alyse’s eyes dulled. ’The temple confirmed for me that it is you Gaston has wanted all along. You must have known about the temple before you left and you didn’t tell me.’

‘It was an accident that I did know about the temple. It was Henry who took me there. I didn’t think there would be any purpose in telling you.

’I think you should have told me, but it doesn’t matter now. I want to get away from here.  I am determined to make a fresh start, somewhere else. I do not want to see Gaston again, and that will be almost impossible if I stay.’

‘I suppose that means that our planning will be wasted. Never mind, it was fun’

She kissed Alyse on the cheek, Alyse responded by grasping Ximene’s hair pulling her head around and kissing her firmly on the lips.

‘Fun? It was a bit more than that.’

Ximene gasped. ‘So now you want to take the masculine role?’

Alyse grinned and pulled more firmly.

Ximene returned the grin.

“Do you think you could teach me to be submissive?’

Alyse nodded.‘Yes I think I could.’

‘Well the way things are going perhaps that is something I should practice’

Alyse gave her hair one last tug.‘Anytime’

“Not tonight, I need your help, and we need Pipa as well. She returned with her family today.’

They located Pipa by her voice, at its highest pitch, as she helped her family settle into the lower Châteaux.

In the late afternoon, the three girls climbed to the upper courtyard to watch the raising of the tents.  The smell of dampness in the stairwell had now gone and at the very top, the stone doorway, heated by the sun, glowed with warmth.

Ximene summed up the conversations of the last hour, which had been endlessly disrupted by Pipa’s endless questioning ‘So here I am, back again, and the chances of me getting out of here seem to depend on me agreeing to marry the Prince.  That is something I find myself considering, but I certainly have not yet decided.’

Alyse had been very quiet most of the afternoon. Now she frowned  ‘So all along you were going to run away. Where would that have left me?’

‘Here with Agnes and Gaston, waiting for me to agree to marry the Prince in which case you would have become the next Comtess of Foix, she hesitated but could not prevent an teasing tone tone creeping into her voice, one way or another. ‘

‘And if you had decided against the Prince, would Gaston still have asked me to take your place?’

‘Possibly but it would not have worked,’ Ximene smiled without warmth, ‘In the end we told the Prince of my intention to escape, so he would have known about the substitution.  However if we  still want to do it, it may well be possible at a future date.’

Pipa was almost jumping on the spot with impatience. She looked at Ximene and then at Alyse. ‘What have you two been up to?  What’s this about the Comtress of Foix? As soon as I returned I noticed a difference. You look almost identical. Are you playing some sort of a game?’

Ximene told Pipa about Gaston’s plans to substitute Alyse for her, and as an afterthought, about the temple.

‘Phillipa almost shrieked her response. “A temple…dedicated to you, he must be obsessed with you.’

‘Yes and it is not healthy, his obsession is secretive, there is nothing admirable about it, either for him or for me’

Alyse was still deep in thought. ‘But if you had run away to Sicily I would have been trapped here. Would you really have left me to my fate?’

‘No of course not. Lady Eleanor would have come to retrieve you. I told my grandmother about Gaston’s plotting and about the Temple, she was horrified. In fact she wants to leave Foix as much as we do. You are a close relative; she would have taken you with her.’

‘That’s if Gaston would have let me go’

‘Yes, it’s true there were some imponderables, but that is all over now, it is not going to happen.’

‘Well as I said earlier, I just want to make a fresh start.’

Ximene smiled. ‘Well it is just possible I might be able to help you with that. Lady Eleanor has invited two of the Prince’s Guards to spend some time with us. One of these guards, John Stanley, was going to accompany me to Sicily.’

Phillipa broke in. ‘Oooh! John Stanley? I think I know him.’

Ximene chuckled. ‘From what Lady Eleanor has told me I am sure you know him and he is coming here this evening.   There will be a chance for you to get to know him better. Tonight I will be at dinner with Gaston…’

‘What do you mean get to know him better?’

‘How would you like to go back into the transition for one or two evenings?

‘Tonight, I will be at dinner with Gaston …well actually, it is not going to be me.’ She looked directly at Alyse. ‘You are going to take my place.’

A look of apprehension spread across Alyse’s face.

Ximene patted Alyse’s fore-arm. ‘Don’t worry. You won’t be asked to sing, and the real reason for the dinner is so that I can meet the Prince again.’

‘You want me to pretend to be you?’

‘Only for the dinner. Afterwards, you will make your excuses, and I will replace you for the meeting with the Prince. I must attend the meeting myself to get a feel for the current thinking. We will change over in the middle of the evening.’

‘Will we get away with it?’

‘We will have to.’

‘But why?’

‘I tried to seduce John Stanley in the hope it would strengthen the bond between us. It was hopeless. He has no idea. He loves the idea of making a suit but there is absolutely no follow up even when I show willing. Grandmother suggested that she, with the help of you two, could conduct an abbreviated version of the transition to at least give them some idea of what is expected of them.’


‘John and Piers, the other guard.’

‘Whoa how does Piers get involved?’ Pipa almost screamed.

‘Again my Granmother’s idea. They live in each others pocket. If John is involved so must be Piers, at least for now.’

‘Oh! do you think they prefer each others company to that of women?’

‘That may be something we find out, if they do, It would be better to find out now.’

Alyse grinned ‘Sounds fun, but I have still not understood, you are going to take my place’

‘Yes, it is too important to me. I want to know first hand how John responds to some instruction. Here is what I intend to do.

An hour later Ximene pulled two dresses from her wardrobe.

Alyse laughed. ‘The are from the portrait sittings. They are identical.  The Compte made one for you and one for me. I did not know you had kept them.’

’I do not know why I kept them,  but now I am glad that I did. And you have two identical outfits?’

‘ Almost uniforms. Lady Eleanor is considerate, but she does treat me a bit like a servant. She likes me to always dress the same. I have three of these outfits so that  whilst I am wearing one is in my wardrobe and the third one away at the laundry. I never grumbled but it is one of the reasons I succumbed to the Comte’s advances.’

‘ Succumbed?’’

‘Enjoyed his company. Accepted the gift of dresses.’

‘Hmmmm, never mind.  For the next two hours we are going to be very busy changing places. I want to make the switch at least three times. If Grandmother spots the switch, I will abandon my plan. If not we will go ahead.’

At the Earl’s insistence, after the camp had been set, John and Piers were discharged from other duties.  In the early evening, they approached the south-west gate of the Château up the steeply sloping causeway.   Down below in the Place De l’Arget, they had seen their horses comfortably and securely stabled.  As always Helios attracted much admiration.  For an extra fee the stable keeper had put the horses and possessions away in safe storage.

As they climbed the ramp to the southern gate, a shadowy figure moved from within the inn next to the stables and watched them. Du Guesclin awaited his next opportunity. He recognised John, who in his own mind he had now christened “The Axe-boy”, but had no wish to provoke a confrontation where there would be no advantage of surprise. He thought about slaughtering the grey horse as revenge, but quickly discovered that Helios had been taken through to private stables to which there was no public access.

At the guardhouse, atop of the ramp, guards stood watch . Above them one structure after another clung to the side of the rock eventually merging with the castle proper one-hundred feet above them. The two Lions introduced themselves to the guards, who eyed them with intense suspicion.

They were clearly not interested to know that the new arrivals were Royal Guards of Aquitaine.  However  after a short time a young man appeared to escort them to Lady Eleanor.  Piers and John looked the young man up and down in astonishment as he wore an open necked shirt and a short leather jerkin which could never have been fastened.  He wore hose, which because of the design of the jerkin were exposed to the bottom of the shirt.  The shirt itself was something to behold. Either side of the fastenings, it was embroidered in a narrow vertical band, and had a large collar, which was pleated so that it stood up behind his head to the level of the bottom of his ears.  The image was completed by lightweight shoes, which John judged could not have survived a single rainstorm.  He introduced himself as Juan Perez de Henestrosa, the troubadour to Lady Eleanor.

A troubadour—that must explain the outfit, thought John.

The entrance to the castle was via a small courtyard, which doubled as a stable but which could have accommodated no more than four or five horses.  John saw Selene, in one of the stalls and made his way over to her. He stroked her face, patted her neck and spoke gently to her,. A spiral staircase, connecting the courtyard to the upper levels, which was so narrow it only allowed for one person at a time.

After a short climb they found themselves in a second courtyard and facing a large double door.  Alongside the door the narrow spiral staircase continued up to the Château proper.  When the door opened they were greeted, not by another guard, but a very pretty young woman.

‘Ximene? John only half finished the greeting as the young lady shook her head.

Juan solved the problem.

‘This is my sister Alyse Perez, she is Lady Eleanor’s companion.

Alyse smiled.

‘From your military dress I can see that you have come directly from the road.  You need to bathe and change your clothes.  Please follow me.’

It was already getting dark inside the castle so she lit a torch before leading them up another staircase.  She knocked on a door.  When it opened Lady Eleanor appeared resplendent in evening dress.

“Ahhh! John and Piers.” She gave them both a kiss on both cheeks but for John she included a special third kiss and a strong hug of his shoulders.

“Welcome, Welcome, I am so pleased you could come.   I take it you have already been introduced  to Alyse Perez, and Juan Perez, they are both from the Henestrosa family and are relatives of mine.  Alyse will assist you to settle in.’

Lady Eleanor beamed quiet satisfaction. She could not resist giving the two Lions a quick guided tour indicating that the apartments were spread round a third of the perimeter of the rock, with access to open terraced gardens at various levels.  She indicated the tiny room, in the form of a window balcony, where John and Piers would be sleeping.

She then introduced them to a group of tailors who scurried around making measurements for new outfits for later in the evening. She became businesslike as she gave the tailors their instructions.

‘All you will have time to do is alter the outfits you have been preparing for Juan.’  The tailors grumbled and protested that the result would be less than satisfactory but Lady Eleanor insisted.

Ximene was estatic  ‘It works, It works. I answered the door to John and he though he recognised me he was unsure and accepted Juan’s introduction’

‘Oh!’ I had not thought of that. Juan did not know?’

‘Don’t think so, he introduced me as you.’

‘Only two more changes, one now and another after the dinner’

‘Don’t you think the Comte will know. He has seen quite a lot of me.’

‘So you tell me. Do you know if he does notice he will probably not say anything. He will think we are making a substitution. It was his idea in the first place.’

‘So it was.’

‘Let’s get to it then.’

As the tailors argued over measurements Lady Eleanor became apologetic.  ‘This evening will not be entirely as planned. Ximene has been invited to dinner with the Compte.  The Prince and the Earl of Salisbury are with him now and they will soon expect Ximene to join them.  She will make every effort to join you later.’

‘After the dinner upstairs is finished the kitchen staff will put on a meal for us.’ she frowned. ’Again I must apologise, I used to have control of the kitchen but Gaston’s wife seems to have taken advantage of my absence to move the kitchen upstairs.’ She then showed that several of the rooms gave access to various caves, which nature had hollowed out of the limestone rock.

As they walked down the corridor and into the cavern containing the spring,  Alyse appeared, dressed as Ximene in formal attire.  She wore a white mantilla in place of the one Ximene had given to John.  She held out her hand and received an adoring kiss from both of the Lions.  John could not help snatching a quick glance at Ximene, now dressed as Alyse, hovering in the background–they really were alike! The corridor opened out onto the balcony. At this point Lady Eleanor took her leave.  Smiling she pulled Ximene to the fore.

“You will enjoy bathing and some fresh clothes. Ximene and Alyse will look after you, and I believe there is someone else you already know!’

Alyse took Piers’s hand and leant in to kiss his cheek. ‘I bathed earlier,’ she said, as she let go of his hand and moved over to face John. She took his hand in hers. ‘I have to leave for the upper castle.’ She smiled sweetly as John raised her hand to his mouth and gave a perfect rendition of the chivalrous kiss.

She leant in towards John and kissed his stubbly cheek. ‘I wanted to see you again before I left.’

She glanced sideways at John.  He saw mischievous gleam in her eyes even though she was dressed formally.  She indicated that they should descend from the balcony to the floor of the chamber. Ximene followed followed.  As they did so another girl emerged though swirling steam.

‘Hello, John, Hello Piers…’ Pipa de Roet. wrinkled up her nose. ‘Oh!’ she said ‘You are hot, sweaty and dusty.  I suppose that what can expect in soldiers, you lead such a hard and dangerous life!’

Both John was dumfounded.  He glanced at Piers and saw his jaw drop. John had no idea how or why Pipa should be here .

She  grinned ‘ Oh yes, I deceived you at Clermont, at least a little bit.  Surely you must have realised that all was not what it seemed when I obtained the services of both a bowyer and a fletcher so easily?  I will explain all a little later but for now, you must bathe.’

Pipa talked rapidly, which at least was consistent with their memory of Clermont. By now John was past surprise. So Pipa had being playing a part at Clermont. What he wondered was going on here. Whatever it was Lady Eleanor was a part of it.

Phillipa was still talking. ’Ximene has been invited to dinner with the Compte.  Oh!  I do not know how she puts up with it boring meals with boring people.

Alyse broke in hurriedly.’Yes but I will return later this evening so that we can talk.’

Phillipa spoke again.’Would you like something to drink? Limoux is actually my favourite but we do have Claret for those who must!’

She received no answer. She said, quite abruptly “Whilst I am getting you a drink and your silence means that you are getting Limoux, put your clothes over there on the bench.  You will not need chain mail for the next couple of days and we will have the rest of your clothes washed”

John looked quizzically at Piers, who simply shrugged his shoulders.  He glanced at the person he thought was Ximene, who nodded as energetically as her formal dress would allow. They walked over to the bench looking over their shoulder as they went.  The three girls followed them. Certainly Phillipa and the person they thought was Alyse knew what was expected.

“Let us help you”

“Hold out your leg and we will get your boots off.”

It was only when they started to help with undoing belts and untying tunics that John realised that the intent certainly was to leave him naked, and in front of an audience!

“Hold” he cried “I am not sure I am ready for this”

John and Piers looked at each other.  Ximene was tugging at John’s pants with some energy and he was just managing to hang on to them.  The look on his face was one of despair, not enjoyment.  He had never expected to experience anything like this!

Alyse was laughing with delight ‘Oh!  My boys, you are so shy. Stop protesting, how are you going to wash properly if you don’t have help?  Perhaps you intended to wash each other’s backs, that would be nice and cosy would it not,” she teased. ‘If you would prefer it, I could find a boy or two who would love to help you with all manner of things!’

They stared at her ‘It is always an option” she said “but I don’t think so.’

She addressed the two girls. ‘This struggle is unseemly. It would seem that my two heroes are shy and need some encouragement. I have no intention of getting undressed as I am due upstairs in about ten minutes but I think that you two girls should set an example, Alyse you go first”

Without any hesitation Ximene stripped off completely.  She did glance at her audience, at several stages of the disrobing process, but only to make sure they were paying attention.

Once naked Ximene positively flowed across the floor and into the nearest bath.  She then visibly relaxed, looking quite satisfied with herself . She closed her eyes and sighed as steam from the warm water rose around her face.

‘Pipa’’said Alyse.

Pipa took a rather different approach.  She stood directly in front of John and looked into his eyes.  She disrobed without moving her gaze.  Her bodice had a number of ties, which she could not reach.  Alyse lent her a hand gazing mischievously at John as she did so.  Phillipa signalled to Alyse to move away once the ties were undone.  She then pulled the bodice forward allowed it to drop to the floor.  She untied her belt and dropped her overskirt kicking it away. Her blouse was laced up the front.  She pulled the knot undone and still gazing directly into John’s eyes slowly unlaced the blouse leaving her breasts exposed.  She moved her body ever so slightly, swaying one way and then the other Her breasts swung along with her movements.  Her underskirt was a light material which in the light of the flares behind her was virtually transparent.  Again she undid the tie and let it fall.  Finally she slipped the blouse from each shoulder.  Very slowly, holding her arms behind her she allowed the blouse to fall leaving her naked.  Still looking directly into John’s eyes she smoothed an imaginary dress.  . She  rested one hand on a hip and thrusting her right leg forward, taking her weight onto the ball of her foot. She lifted her other hand into the air, and only  broke eye contact  to allow him to admire her body. She looked up to the ceiling and shook her head, her hair swayed across her back. It was almost identical to the pose Joan had struck at Clermont.

‘Do you find my body beautiful, John?’  Pipa asked mischievously.

John’s eyes sought out the woman he thought was Ximene. What should he do? He could not help feeling as though he were betraying her. Yet she smiled and nodded her head. He allowed his eyes to take in Pipa’s body.

“Do you get trained in how to do that?’ he asked.

Pipa turned on her heel and after three long strides jumped into the second bath, spilling quite a lot of it in the process.  Alyse jumped sideways to avoid the plume of water.  Having wagged her finger at Pipa, she returned to the boys.

“Now it is your turn.”

John now had the strange experience of being naked in front of a fully and elaborately dressed woman.  To make it worse Alays pulled him in and kissed him firmly on the lips.  He felt his bare flesh pressing against raised seams, pleats and embroidery.

John wondered if she was deliberately trying to embarrass him. He blushed.

Alyse stepped back, emphasising that she was taking the opportunity to admire his physique.

She turned and deliberately winked at Ximene,

Again looking John in the eye, she said crisply, ‘Tonight you will be given a very quick version of the training every Cathar receives during the Transition.  You will spend time with both Phillipa and Alyse so that you will learn that there are differences.’

Alyse then touched her lips with her finger and pressed the finger against John’s lips and turned to leave.  She waved goodbye over her shoulder as she swept up the stairs.  “See you later,” she said ‘I will let you decide who will scrub who’s back and when.’

Piers was already in the bath nearest the waterfall. John eased himself into the remaining bath.

There was silence for a while; there was obviously some residual embarrassment.  John thought that someone had to break the silence and start a conversation.

‘Why is the water brown?’ he asked, to nobody in particular as steam rose around him.

Ximene willingly replied.‘I believe it is from the dissolved minerals.  Bathing in this water is supposed to be very good for you.  It does not taste very good, so drinking water is normally collected from the roof or brought in barrels.  However, when this castle is under siege this spring water can be stored and after a couple of days it is drinkable .  That is the real reason this castle is impregnable.  It has its own water supply with which an enemy cannot tamper.’

The tension was broken.

Ximene was interested in the way Pipa had disrobed. It made her feel that she had not made the most of her own chance to show off her body to advantage. She decided to put that to rights.

Ximene rose and walked over to a box on the wall under the terrace and  returned to the foot of John’s bath. Her wet body gleamed in the light of the torches. ‘Stand up, John, I will soap you down.’


‘It’s soap. It is perfumed and it makes you feel good. Don’t you have this in England?’

John shook his head.

‘It was invented in Egypt nearly two thousand years ago.’

‘Egypt, again!’

‘Pardon?’ She tilted her head.

‘No, it’s just that everything seems to originate from Egypt.’

‘This came from Marseilles.’Ximene  applied the soap to John’s body. She rubbed his shoulders and neck. Foam flowed down his body and Ximene’s hands followed it. The experience was beyond John’s wildest dreams.

Out of the corner of his eye, John could see Pipa soaping Piers down in the same way.

Ximene, with diligent attention to detail, soaped down the rest of his body and  then poured bucket after bucket of water over his head.

‘Now it is my turn,’ she said.

John cautiously applied the soap to her body, but when he realised that she raised no objection to anywhere he applied the soap, he continued with enthusiasm.

Ximene  sank into the bath and pulled John down after her.

‘Occasions like this make nudity feel normal,’ John said.

‘And it isn’t?’

‘Not to me.Sorry I made such as fuss about taking my clothes off earlier.’

Half an hour later John, Piers, Pipa and Ximene lounged on the benches at the side of the terrace chattering amiably.  They had thick woollen robes thrown around their shoulders but none of them made any attempt to tie them.  Eventually, assisting with each other’s bathing had come quite naturally.  John perceived that the girls were actually accustomed to this situation.  Suddenly he felt jealous again.  He could not help wondering which other men might have shared a similar experience.

Lady Eleanor reappeared and descended the steps. “Good, I see you are all relaxed and comfortable, perhaps we should start the second lesson!

Lady Eleanor took Ximene and Phillipa to one side and talked earnestly for several minutes, after which all three burst into uncontrollable laughter.  Lady Eleanor was still smiling broadly as she sat down between John and Piers.

“John, you asked me to provide guidance and to tell you everything I know.  You have already learned this evening something about the way we live.  Now I…” She hurriedly corrected herself  ‘We, intend to take that a stage further.  If you are to mix in our society you must have some practical experience of what our ladies expect from a man.  It is normally part of our education but knowing your background I am sure it is not part of yours.  What I have just been doing is making sure that these two young ladies are completely happy with what is about to happen.  They have confirmed that they indeed are.’

John could do no more than stare blankly at Lady Eleanor, What on earth was she planning?

‘Trust me you will enjoy this.  John, initially Pipa will be your partner.  She informs me that at Clermont you did express admiration for her albeit somewhat ineffectually and that she responded by giving you her favour.’

John frowned.‘Oh!’ His brow cleared. ‘Pipa! your ribbons were so useful.  They were so light that they moved in the slightest breeze, I used them to judge the wind.  They helped me win the contest’

Pipa just looked at him long and hard and turned to Lady Eleanor.

‘Lady Eleanor, I am not sure I can continue with this, this man is surely without feeling.’

Lady Eleanor looked extremely serious but there was an irrepressible twinkle in her eye. ‘John you need to reassure Pipa that you do indeed find her attractive, can you do that?’

John looked at Phillipa.  The truth was that she was very attractive even though her hair was now wet and tousled.  He suddenly found it easy to compose his thoughts.

Dear, dear Pipa, you are someone to savour,

How could I possibly forget the award of your favour

Your body flows in gentle curves

No praise would exceed what it deserves.

Please, please, just tell me what to do

And I will, henceforth, be so good to you

I would be most unhappy to suffer rejection

Be assured from now of my continued affection.

Pipa looked at him, narrowing her eyes. ’That is probably enough, but only just enough’

She took off her robe and not for the first time that night stood naked in front of him. She handed him the robe.‘Here is another favour, never tell me you did not notice me giving you this one!’

Lady Eleanor’s eyes flickered slightly. ‘Good I am glad you have reached some agreement.’

She led Pipa over to a narrow marbled topped table and spread a thick piled towel over it.  She instructed Pipa to lie on her stomach on the bench and then asked John to caress her back.

‘Do it gently, John.’ she said. “What you are trying to achieve is a gentle massage.  Every woman is slightly different, Pipa, tell him when it pleases you.’

Pipa asked for several different stokes to different parts of her back.  John tried to understand, interpret and comply with her requests. Her body gave no sign as to his success.

Lady Eleanor intervened. ‘Pipa, I am disappointed in you. You know that you must give advice if you don’t like what John is doing. You must tell him ‘No’,  If it does please you, you must tell him, ‘Yes’. Also, you could offer more encouragement

After Lady Eleanor’s intervention, and Pipa’s acquiescence, by proving more specific guidance and responses, John confidence grow.

‘Now, John, try this,’ Lady Eleanor gave him a bottle. ‘This is massage oil. It is especially blended from carrier oil, in this case from wheat grain and contains ancient aromatic oils, specifically frankincense and myrrh.’ John’s head jerked round to look at Lady Eleanor.  She smiled. ‘Obviously you have heard of them, but you were never told how they might be used.’

‘… and they originated in Egypt.’

‘You know?’

‘No, not really. I guessed.’

‘Well, this particular concoction does come from further east.’

John poured the oil on his hands and spread it over Pipa’s back. Now, in addition to advice, John was rewarded with the occasional ‘oooh.’ She lifted her head and addressed Lady Eleanor.  ‘Can I turn over now?’

Lady Eleanor replied firmly that she could not and redirected John’s attention to the back of Phillipa’s legs and in particular to the muscles at the back of her knees.

John learnt rapidly about what pleased Pipa and how to deliver the desired results.  Lady Eleanor was pleased and left them to commence a similar learning experience for Piers and Alyse.

Pipa had reached the stage of wriggling with pleasure when lady Eleanor returned to them. ‘ That was the easy part, John. Most men, however, find it difficult to accept caresses from a woman. You must now refrain from touching Pipa but allow her to explore you body. As she showed you it is good etiquette to let her know when she gives you pleasure and to let her know any preferences you may have’

John stared at Lady Eleanor, he had no idea what his “preferences” might be.

The lesson continued for another quarter hour. Pipa soon showed him some options, which both surprised and delighted him. She applied the massage oil to every part of John’s body and then rubbed herself against him.  Lady Eleanor then allowed them to stand and caress each other, stressing that conversation about what was most pleasurable was essential to make the most of the experience.

John was just beginning to feel comfortable with Pipa, when Lady Eleanor decided that they had spent enough time together.

‘Now you should swap partners so that you can see that each individual has different preferences.’

John found the swap very disturbing. He felt that to explore the woman he thought was Alyse’s preferences was almost like being disloyal to Pipa. To Pipa! what about Ximene!

Ximene smiled.  She was was far more specific in describing her preferences than Pipa had been.  John was carried to a new level of pleasure.

She also explored his body with a very different technique to that used by Pipa. He told her about what he had enjoyed with Pipa and to his delight and surprise she responded quickly and attentively. She whispered encouragement as he responded with increasing confidence.

Eventually Lady Eleanor intervened and persuaded them to bathe again. John relaxed. He was very happy with life.   Ximene squeezed herself into John’s bath. She put her arms around his neck.

‘Well did you enjoy that?’

“ Yes I did. You do not see sexual pleasure as anything unusual or shameful do you?

Ximene laughed ‘ Absolutely not, it shows us what the ultimate union with the Good God might be like.’

John considered carefully his response

‘For me, it’s not so much the pleasure as the release from shame and fear.  It took little more than half an hour and for the rest of my life I will be able to enjoy the company of women without reserve.‘

Elyse looked relaxed and happy. John though he should test out what he thought he had learned.‘ Lady Eleanor has just told me that it takes a hundred experiences of intense sexual pleasure and open discussion of what works and what doesn’t, before a man and a woman can be sure of each other’s needs.’

Obviously this was totally acceptable to Alyse. She smiled briefly.

‘It goes further than that John, we believe that it is only through a wide range of partners could anyone, man or woman, know the full range of possibilities for pleasure! There will be other women, John but you will never forget that this first experience was with me.’

She was silent for a rare moment before she asked almost as an afterthought, ‘Did you like Pipa?’

John could only stare at  the woman he thought to be Alyse, just that one question told him how much he still had to learn. Lady Eleanor broke what could have been an awkward silence by announcing that she intended to serve dinner.

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