Introduction (child)

from 1368 –  1381

1361 statute of laborers

1363 sumtuary laws

1368 whycliffe parish of lutterworth

1368 ximene gives birth to John II (Ximene 30 years of age)

1369 phillips dies

1369 Pedro killed by du guesclin

1369 piers de windsor lord lieutenant of ireland

john II is raised by lathoms

1370 Catherine mistress of john of gaunt

1371 Gaunt marries Constanza

1377 poll tax

1374 whytcliffe doctor of divinity

1376 whycliffe examined

1377 the great roumour – gaunt  attacked in london

1380 poll tax tripled

1380 du guesclin  dies in languedoc (Châteauneuf  de randon)

de ro put keys to town on du gueslins coffin

castle defended by thomas de ros married to daughter of ralph de stafford, his own daughters married into clifford and grey families

he was related to Audleys and his daughter married into the Cliffords his grandaughter married richard of conisburgh who plotted against henry V and was executed

resentment of foreign workers

Some started to advocate the creation of independent village communities, respecting traditional laws but separate from the hated legal system centred in London.

There was a moral panic about the threat posed by newly arrived workers in the towns and the possibility that servants might turn against their masters.[62] New legislation was introduced in 1359 to deal with migrants, existing conspiracy laws were more widely applied and the treason laws were extended to include servants or wives who betrayed their masters and husbands.[63]

1381 Peasants revolt protest

why was revolt against john of Gaunt — because he supported Whycliffe??

1384 Whycliffe dies

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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