Volume VI Synopsis 1367- 1380

Ximene funds the invasion of mann to confirm the earl’s rule this all operates out of liverpool and this puts john and Ximene in close contact with the lathoms.

Ximene decides that the task she has set herself will not be completed in her lifeline so in 1367 she decides  to mother a child,  one of ‘the good god’s heros’ who will carry the fight into the next generation.

Some of the land she has aquired is in Liverpool, Lancashire  where she uses the alias Mary Oscatel. Her near neighbours are the Lathom family, rich Landowners, but childless.

Ximeme wants to conceal  the heritage of her child so that he, John Staney II, can avoid the persecution she herself has experienced and so she gets John II adopted by the Lathoms.

Things are never simple in 1369 The Black Prince became ill. John of Gaunt comes to Bordeaux to suppot him and of course Pipa comes with him.

Pipa re-establishes er relationship with John and Ximene. Gaunt marries one of Pedro’s daughters

On the Death of Queen Philippa in 1369, Alyse becomes de facto Queen of England, ‘The lady of the Sun”

At the same time John Stanly I is appointed master of the household to Prince Richard II,  responsible for every aspect of richard’s training.

Ximene moves to Bordeaux to be with him.

In 1371 the Prince returned to England and John went with him.

In England there was a struggle for power between Alyse and Gaunt on one side and  the prince on the other

Ximene moved to carcassonne  in 1376.  Du guesclin persued her and realising she had become an obsession for him she took the final step to ensure the safety of her son.  1n 1980 she murdered du Gueslin. She was pleased to find she felt no guilt, only elation.

The most dangerous woman in the world

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