2 The Blizzard 10th December

Henri de Vivar rode alongside Alyse as they left the Chateau de Termes He stood in his stirrups and turned to look with satisfaction at the dozen riders riding close behind. Six of his own men and six of the prince’s guards all wearing colourful tabards, their horses wearing matching comparisons carrying lances tipped with pennants.

As soon as they had left sight of the Chateau Termes he called an order for them to slow to a trot. Alyse frowned. ‘Why slow down? if Du Guesclin is following us shouldn’t we ride as far, as fast as we can?’

Well, if this deception is to work we want Du Guesclin to follow us, so we must let him know where we are,we want him to believe that Ximene has fled to Castile.’

He tipped his head to one side as he searched for the correct words.’We are not exactly hiding, but not everyone will understand the significance of the heraldry of the tabards. It is a bit like fishing to attract Du Guesclin’s attention we must dangle some bait.

The second village we pass through, Arzacq is in Bearn, nominally English territory. We will nail a copy of the next court circular, which has been written by your brother, on the notice board in the market. It will announce that Ximene Trencavel, the future Queen of England has decided to visit her relatives in Castile and that this famous person will be passing through the village.

‘You have a copy of Juan’s next court circular?’

‘Yes, Juan rode down from Bordeau to Termes, at the request of Countess of Kent, specifically to make that possible. Similar copies will be by tomorrow morning be appearing on village notice boards throughout western Armagnac and Northern Bearn.’

‘So we are in fact telling du Guesclin where to find us.’

‘yes but it is a very controlled risk once we are in Bearn he will have to be careful we could call on assistance from any number of sources and the Presence of the Prince’s guards would make it easy for unto do that. In any case we will spend the next few days at Gaston Du Foix’s Chateau at Orthez and wait to see wether du Guesclin has taken the Bait.

But Gaston spent so much time trying to keep Ximene a Captive at Foix

So, my love, we will be together for a significant period and without people continually looking over our shoulder. Will I at long last get the chance to share your bed? the chance to share your bed

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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