4 Afternoon Delights

‘She said what!’John could hardly believe it.

Ximene chuckled. ‘I’ll try again. She believes she has offered advice to us on ways to improve… re-invigorate our lovemaking. She said she would ask questions of both of us to check that we have followed her advice. In fact, that she would go I  further than that; at the first convenient chance, She will make us pass a test.

John shook his head. ‘ Perhaps we had better compare notes. What exactly has she told us to do?’

She obviously thinks that Lady Eleanors interpretation of lovemaking is a bit too formalised. It teaches how to give and recieve pleasure but it becomes  a skill, a task . Joan believes that above all, lovemaking should be fun.

‘Yes she told me that too. Can we talk about this?’

Ximene chuckled again but reached out to hold John’s hand. ‘John we are talking about this.’

‘Yes, quite and I think she told me several ways of making it fun.

‘She covered the same ground with  me, so then, what had the most appeal for you.’

I thought the idea of having fifty game cards in a box, everyone one of which described something you would like your partner to do to you or you would like to do to you.’  John hestated. ‘The Cards are then shuffled; each person would turn a playing card. the person turning the highest playing card would then chooses a game card their own box’.

If a time limit is put on the performance of each choice. If that time limit were to be one minute then the game would last just less than two hours. It would ensure randomness in sexual contact even between partners even those in long term relationships. Excitement, stimulation.

Ximene narrowed her eyes. ‘You know it could take nearly two hours just to write the cards… Hardly spontaneous lovemaking?’

John laughed. ‘No I suppose not but you know it goes further than that. she made no specific suggestions but i got the impressionshe was talking about groups of people not just one couple taking part inthese games. 

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