Vol III synopsis 1356-1360

The Black Prince led his army to victory against King John II of France at the battle of Poitiers in 1356.

John Stanley Has a major part in the recruiting and training of the army. this was arranged by Joan of Kent who picks up on Ximene’s desire to hide her relationship with john so that they may progress independantly.

Ximene’s initial target is that john becomes master of arms. she hopes that in this way she will have access to military support should he need it.

King John was captured at the end of the battle and an enourmous ransome put on his head ($500m). It became obvious that his son, Charles was not prepared to pay the ransome and he was taken to England in Captivity.

Ximene was in the process of establishing herself in england and did deals with both french and english kings which would help her create a Trading empire. She hoped that profit from trade would enable her to create the state of Occitan and ultimately enable cathars to pursue their faith without fear of prosecution.

She builds her first ship in palermo and the sets up a dock in Poole harbour to replicate the design

John Stanley becomes tournament champion of Europe but still works for the Earl of Salisbury providing him with intelligence about the situation in France. This brings him into renewed contact with Pipa and danger because of the extended civil war in France.

King Edward attempts to secure his kingdom but the distruction of his fleet off the coast of Scotland and the destruction of his army in norther france, both caused by extreme weather lead him to believe that God has turned against him.


we know that pipa married geoffrey de chaucer in 1366. she met chaucer whilst in the service of lionel of antwerp.

there is a belief that the marriage was a cover for a relationship with John of Gaunt who’s first wife blanche of lancaster died in 1368

she had two children between 1364 (before marriage to chaucer)  &1367 quite probably gaunt’s children and two other children later one as late as 1383

they both worked fo edward iii until death of queen phillipa in 1369 when the moved to the service of john of gaunt who married constance of seville in 1371

catherine gave birth to the first Beaufort in 1372 the conclusion is that the marriage to constance was simply a dynastic marriage

Phillipa died in 1387 in spain?

catherine first child 1373


betrothed 1342 married 1352 in France 1355  Duke of Clarence 1362 in paris 1367 died 1368

John of Gaunt married 1359 duke lancaster 1362

2nd marriage  at roquefort 1371

1386 Spain returned after pipa’s death in 1371

Alyse kings mistress  1362-3 Queen Phillipa died 1389 King died 1377.

catherine swynford children1366? 1367,68,69 beau forts 1373 75 77 79

garronne navigable to casters en dorthe (half way between landon and la reole

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