99 — Lessons in Love – Part 2

Joan of Kent eyed Selene, Countess of Lavison.’You are going to have to pull out of this Selene. I want to help you but it seems you do not want help.’ Ximene was sitting quietly. head in hands.

‘For a brief period yesterday I felt better but then  I realised I had no idea where I was going. I am not going to marry the Prince. you are.  I don’t think the Prince will invade Occitan and John thinks he shouldn’t. I have an incredible treasure which will make me very wealthy but I have no idea how I should use that wealth.

Finally, for the whole of the period at Château Mazerou, I felt myself to be deeply in love with John Stanley but that seems to have burnt itself out.  I kissed him yesterday and then felt guilty about kissing my ambassador. That is what he has become… My ambassador.

‘Talking of John Stanley…Now Se…lene, I have made arrangements for a presentation and dinner tomorrow night which will mark the total relinquishment of my sensual education of John Stanley to your capable hands. Treat him well, he has great potential.

‘Sensual? you didn’t?

No, we didn’t but I think we both enjoyed it. Now tell me Selene just then I think I picked up just the slightest hint of jealousy in your voice This is a very good sign and I would like to build on that.

Tomorrow night there will be a very erotic presentation. I have managed to find a couple who are only too willing to display their lovemaking expertise. It will be a perfect prelude to what I hope will be an evening of great satisfaction for you and John. However, I sense that we will have to make a major shift in your attitude to prevent it from being a minor disaster. Tell me about Mazero.

John was badly injured and I helped him recover.


There is not much else to tell.

Hmmm…I spoke to John some time ago, about lovemaking and other things and I have some idea of what happened at Mazerou.’

Ximene was visibly surprised. ‘ He told you what happened there?’

‘Oh dear, this might be worse than I thought. It sounds like you wouldn’t want people to know.’

Ximene shook her head. ‘I was motivated by a need to help John recover. Some things happened, which to be honest I am not sure about.’

‘And which you would try to eliminate from your future relationship?’



‘I don’t know.’ Ximene hesitated. ‘ It was often a theatrical performance.’

Joan sighed. ‘It wasn’t something you really wanted to do?’


I got exactly the same feedback from John. Well lets break that down. I know about you sleeping together, your striptease, your chains, your flirtation with bondage, his applying the whip to you.

It seems to me you are not short of ideas but you need some guidance. I am not going to take you to bed. In my mind, beds are for sleeping in.  Here in the Château, there is a small lounge with a lage fire. Let’s go there and see what we can divise. You have been in a negative frame of mind and one way to break out of that is to have an objective. I want to give you some tasks for you to complete. They are all concerned with things you might do to John Stanly. Tomorrow night you must perform all of the. not randomly but in a specific order.  You have all the right instincts but what I want to teach you is that sex is fun.

Two hours later Ximene tenuously asked. ‘and John Would like all that?

Joan smiled. ‘Some technical differences but yes he would.’ now don’t think you can cheat. I will ask questions of both of you to check that you have followed my advice. In fact, I will go further than that; at the first convenient chance, I will make you pass a test.

‘You wouln’t.’

‘Oh! yes, I would.’

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