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Plymouth was in 1350 the main trading port for the trade with Aqitaine, Navarre, Castile and Portugal. the exports were wool and grain and the imports were wine, brandy and metalware.

Sutton Harbour

sutton-backlane A back lane in the Sutton area, looking towards Sutton Harbour and the Barbican. Shepherds Lane, Plymouth, 2008
plymouth-map Modern day view of Plymouth. Sutton Harbour used in the !4th Century is Top Right

On the the Quays Of Sutton Harbour  and in the restaurants ling the waterfront aristocracy and royalty rubbed shoulders with traders and ship owners.

This was because the english empire was divided by 400 miles of usually hostile Frankish territory. For most the preffered  means of travel between the two halves was by sea.

Plymouth Hoe

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