2010 The Freytag Pyramid



Currently unfashionable in the extreme, the Freytag pyramid is currently depicted as an analysis of  Ancient Greek and Shakespearian drama. Well! That cannot be true in its entirety as the Ancient Greek Theatre used, by preference, a three act structure.  Aristotle said that  every story “had a beginning a middle and an end”. It was Horace, much later, who decided that the dramatic experience would be improved by an the addition of an introduction and a resolution.

But compatible

The five act structure then became accepted for two millennia until it was challenged by the avant- garde  playwrights of the 19th century. It would appear that Freytag was defending the established concept against these new ideas. There are good reasons to believe his defence was justified. A champion of the Freytag Interpretation is Andy Rutter, a British/Canadian  Multimedia designer lecturing in Aalborg, Denmark.

My own experience suggests that it is compatible with , even supportive of , the recent works of Campbell and Vogler.

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