Chapter 10 An Extended Holiday

‘It would appear Robert that your relationship with Madamoiselle Royale … or is it Madame King?… Has been revitalised?’

‘And is that an issue?’

‘ No absolutely not, but I have to make assesments about your availability. After the Mount Martha dugs bust you are very much in demand.’

Robert’s controller looked at the form lying on the desk in front of him. ‘And now you are requesting time off, for a holiday?’

‘Well yes,  I have gone two years without a holiday.’

‘And Mount Martha was not a holiday?’

‘No, emphatically not. You know very well. It was  an assignment which you allocated to me.’

The controller smiled. ‘Yes, yes, of course, but because of your position, you had to reveal if you might go overseas whilst on holiday and where. Your answer is Fiji.  It is of interest to the SAS.

‘The SAS! Why?’

‘Depends. When do you intend to go?’

‘What does it say on my leave application. I have not changed my plans.’

‘October. And will Mamoiselle Royale be involved?’

‘Yes she is organising it. Through sme friends she has access to one of the units on Matamanoa.’


Robert rose, walked to a computer sitting on a side desk. He raised Matamanoa on Google Earth.

‘Perfect,’ said the controller  ‘Could you persuade her to book the whole of the facility for  November, December and January.’

‘Three months? The whole Facility?Very, very  expensive. Why?’

‘For what we want it is almost perfect , Matamanoa is about as far away from Suva as it can get. We believe there will be a rebellion by the Fiji Military. We have Australian personel empedded in the Fijian police and government administration  who are trying to prevent this happening. If it all goes to custard, we want to provide a safe house for them to vanish into.’

‘Oh! And why pick on me. On Fabienne?’

‘You will be there and now now I know Fabienne will be involved I am quite relaxed about involving her. When she came here  the security check we made was impeccable.’

‘Well this time  don’t forget we will have two companions, two old friends, whose family own a unit on Matamanoa. She has specifically asked me to Fiji so that I have the opportunity to meet them. ‘

‘Hmmm. Give me the names of these friends and we will dcide how to proceed.’

This time the response took more than a week.

‘Slight change of plan Robert. We will get Harry Miller or Micheal Gudinski to book out the whole island from from November to February. Fabienne will become a French film star who wants privacy.It is just another way to use Fabienne to giv you cover.

Find a  helicopter and a large blue water boat.  When you get to Figi hire them in her name. If they are hired in her name it will fragment the expenditure… make it less visible.’

‘Same question as last time…. If I need to, can I tell her what it is all about?

Of course,  She will inevitably know that you are up to something.  tourist do not usualy hire helicopters. You will need her support. But try to leave it until you are on Matamanoa. ‘

Robert nodded and rose to leave.

‘Oh just one more thing…  I understand you have secure communication skills.

Robert replied ‘Not totally up to date but adequate.’

‘Good, someone will ring you later in the week. dont talk on the phone but go and see him or her and let them know what you will need to set up a military class secure link from Matamanoa.’

‘You have just hijacked my holiday..’

‘No I have just given you a much longer one. There is a chance that it will all blow over. Good luck. Enjoy yourself.’

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