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heros journey 2The site contains much information on the craft of writing, paying particular reference to the hero’s journey, Joseph Campbell’s formula for storytelling which is based on the concept that every compelling story follows the same underlying structure. The same story told a thousand times in a thousand different ways.

total warFor those interested in history go the pages giving the timeline of the background events for the books about Ximene. All of these events will be covered, if somewhat obliquely, as we concentrate on Ximene and her adventures.

Anyone for adventure?

Arch_of_Titus_MenorahI genuinely believe I have found the hidden location of the Visigothic treasure.Currently I am actively seeking partners to join in a great adventure. The treasure hunt has distracted me from the books but if you visit this segment of the site you will see why I am drawn back time on time again.

03 Bassin_d__Arcachon However, many visitors like the section on places where there are collages of the best photographs from our researches. This clickable photograph is of  Arcachon where the  Black Prince risked everything to keep his visit to Aquitaine a secret.

He forced an entry to the bay of Arcachon  as the weather deteriorated.  One of his small fleet was sunk and it just happened to be the ship which carried our Hero.


Alternatively  and in complete contrast there is the remarkable story of Tutankhamun’s DNA. A discovery channel program sponsored tests on Tutankhamum to investigate his relationships with other members of the Egyptian royal family. A swiss DNA specialist claims that the tests showed this Eqyptian Pharoh had the same DNA as the celts from the atlantic coast

14th century

Visit the overview of life in the 14th century. This is the world in which Ximene, our heroine must live. It identifies the dangers she faces and  opportunities presented to her if she is brave, very brave.

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