Vol 3 Alyse Character sketch

The term unlucky in love has a special meaning for Alyse . Gaston de Foix only wanted her because she looks so much like Ximene. ( Secret Journey) She was attracted to Piers de Windsor but he turned out to be homosexual. she was then attracted to William Montacute, who preferred Phillipa de Roet ( Young Eagle). Now three years later she emerges from Castile embittered, an attractive sexual predator. She renews her friendship with Ximene but keeps her eye on the main chance. She learns that after a long negotiation with King Edward, a notorious womaniser, Ximene is struggling to keep the King at bay. At the same time Ximene is concerned that her long absences attract unwanted attention. Ximene asks Alyse to impersonate her during her absences (as she had done previously  during Ximenes flight from Du Guesclin- Young Eagle). Alyse agrees and makes a point of not discouraging the King. She becomes the Kings mistress. She acquires property and wealth and gains the support of the King’s sons in exchange for promising  her sister’s hand in marriage. She considers totally stealing Ximene’s personallity and in a confrontation with Du Guesclin discusses how Ximene might be permanently removed. In the end it is uneccessary. Queen Phillipa dies and Alyse is suddenly de facto Queen of England. Even Ximene is subject to and threatened by her whims.

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