Shadow Without A Name 1360-1363

The Adventures of Ximene Trencavel

Timeline 1360-1362

1360 Muhammed V, Emir of Grenada is overthrown by his own family.
1360 Phillipa de Roet becomes mistress of Lionel of Antwerp
1361 Formalisation of border between Aquitaine and France commences.(known as Renunciations)
1361 Ximene is now 22
1361 Henry Trastamara (illegitimate half brother of Pedro of Castille) is expelled from Aragon
1361 Henry Trastamara destroys 
the city of Rhedae.
(Rennes le Château is now on the site of Rhedae)
1361 Aladin Ali becomes 
Bey (Emir) of Karamaran
March 1361 Lionel of Antwerp appointed Govenor of Ireland ( Phillips de Roet and Geoffrey Chaucer both members of his household)
0ctober 1361 Phillipa De Roet becomes Mistress to John of Gaunt (3rd in line to throne)
1361 Blanche de Bourbon, wife of Pedro of Castile  dies at Medina Sidonia.
September 1361 Maria de Pedilla, Mistress of Pedro of Castille dies in Sevilla.
November 1361 Alyse Perrers (Perez) arrives in England.
December 1361 The Party at Landon House.
December 1361 Castile invades Grenada but is defeated at Gaudix.
January 1362 John visits Sevilla to evaluate situation
February 1362 Muhammed V returns to Grenada and defeats Muhammed VI who flees to Sevilla
25th April  1362 Muhammed VI dies in Sevilla
May 1362 Pedro of Castille signs 
an alliance with King Edward and Charles Of Navarre
1 June 1362 John helps Gaston prepare to invade Armagnac.
1362 Pedro of Castille signs 
an alliance with King Edward and Charles Of Navarre
Dec 1362 Gaston Comte de Foix 
defeats Jean, Compte d’Armagnac at battle of Launac.

Timeline 1362-1367

1362 Phillipa de Roet marries 
Geoffrey Chaucer
1362 Pope innocent VII Dies
1363 Du Guesclin appointed Captain General 
of Normandy

May 1963 Black Prince and Joan attend treaty conference at Tarbres to afree truce between gaston and armagnac
1364 Charles of Navarre invades Normandy. Du Guesclin captures the Captal du Buch who has become leader of Navarese army.
I364 John goes to Ireland to train army being assembled by Lionel.
29 September 1364 John Chandos captures Du Guesclin at battle of Auray when Du Gueslin leads the army of Charles du Bois, pretender to Brittany. Du gueslin was not only a prisoner but he had lost his most important client.
1364 King John willingly returns 
to captivity but dies almost immediately
1364 Alyse Perrers becomes 
King Edwards Mistress
1365 Du Guesclin’s ransom paid, 
Du Guesclin released
1365 Du Gueslin leads the Routiers 
into Spain (nominally on a crusade to drive 
the moors from Grenada.)
1366 Du Guesclin attacks Pedro of Castille and Trastamara claims throne of Castille.
1366 passing of the Statutes of Kilkenny
1366 John and Ximene and Alyse travel to Sevilla to rescue Alyse's sisters Constance and isabelle
1366 Ximene returns to Sevilla and transports Pedro first to Lisbon then to Bordeaux.
1367 Black Prince invades Castile 
defeats Henry Trastamara.
1367 Du Guesclin is taken prisoner - again

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