The Eagle And Her Child

The Adventures Of Ximene Trencavel

Timeline 1367-1369

1367 Ximene is now 28
1367 Richard II born ( son of Black Prince and Joan of Kent)
1368 Birth of Ximene's son John Stanley Jr.
1367 Papacy returns to Rome
1368 Du Guesclin is released -  again
1368 Death of Lionel of Antwerp
1369 Du Guesclin returns to Castille
1369 Death of Queen Phillipa.
 Alyse Perrers, now the Lady of the Sun,
 becomes virtual Queen of England

Timeline 1369-1371

1369 Catherine de Roet mistress to John of Gaunt ( still third in line to throne)
1369 Du Guesclin  supports Henry Trastamara, Murders Pedro of Castile.
1369 William de Windsor marries Alyse and is appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
1369 Formal renewal of war between England and Francs
1370 Pope returns to Avignon
1370 Du Guesclin is appointed Constable of France
1371 Black Prince is taken ill
1371 John of Gaunt Prince of Aquitaine

Timeline 1371-1377

1371 Constance Pedra
 (illegitimate daughter of Pedro of Castle )
 marries John of Gaunt
 ( still 3rd in line to throne)
1372 Isabella of Castile
 (illegitimate daughter of Pedro of Castle )
 marries Edmund of Langley
 (4th in line to throne)
1374 Death of Black Prince
1374 Two year truce between France and England, inspired by John of Gaunt.
1376  John Whycliff writes De Civilii Dominio and receives support from John of Gaunt
1377 “Good parliament” attacks Alyse
1377 French invade south coast
 burn Plymouth, Rye and Lewes
1377 Death of King Edward, Richard becomes King

Timeline 1377-1384

1377 John Stanley King Richard II's
 ambassador to Ireland
1377 Du Guesclin invades Aquitaine
 and captures the Senechal, Thomas Felton
1379 Ximene aged 40
1380 Edmund Mortimer made
 Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
1380 Death of du Guesclin
1381 Wat Tylers revolt John Ball preaches lollardy
1381 Anti Whycliffe Synod
1381 Edmund Mortimer dies,crossing river at Cork. John was with him when he died.
1381 Roger Mortimer (aged 8)
 made Lord lieutenant of Ireland
1383 Death of Sir Thomas Lathom
1384 Death of Wycliffe.

Timeline 1377-1384

1385 John Stanley made
 deputy Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
1385 John Stanley marries Isabel de Lathom.
1385 John Stanley Jr (Ximene's son) marries Isobel Harrington
1385 Death of Joan of Kent
1386 John of Gaunt invades Castile
1389 Lords Appellant take control of English government.
1389 Ximene retires to Bearn (at 48)

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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