Phillipa (Pipa) Details

Personality Summary. (Developed with the assistance of character writer 3.1)

Young Phillipa Phillipa is blissfully unaware that her loose tongue has placed Ximene in great danger. She becomes infatuated with John Stanley something which will complicate the lives of all three of them.Phillipa is a genuinely giving, accepting and warm person, who calms her inner fear of being unloved by helping or loving others. She becomes personally involved with the person she is helping, looking for and finding an emotional connection, but tends to ignore or marginalising her own needs, seeing wanting or needing as selfish. Self-love is conditional; Phillipa loves herself only when giving.

She is very people-oriented, and focuses on a specific kind of person.  The older man with who she gained her initial sexual experience was a soldier who specialised in security issues, so she gravitates towards those in a similar area of activity. There’s always a personal connection to what she is doing. She can also see the good in almost anyone (even when no one else can).  The fact that she loves to be loved has made her totally bisexual but let there be no mistake if she ever did consider only herself, she really prefers men.

Character Arc.

Phillipa’s relationship with Guillam de Clermont was unsatisfactory in the extreme. She was pleased to find her first sexual experience with an older man as she was looking for a father figure. The fact that Guillam was Lady Eleanor’s lover however made him inaccessible. Despite this Phillipa moves psychologically toward an unconditional self-love.  A major step along the way is when she identifies a way to use Ximene’s relationship with John to her own advantage without feeling any guilt.

Application of the Character Arc.

Phillipa has taken the model provided by Lady Eleanor as the template for her own life seeing being a little nurturer as a way to fit in to the family structure and earn love from the Guillam and other father figures. Putting aside self-love has become a way of life. She has always put the good of others above her own needs and, as such, though she may not have a lot of money or possessions and may have unfulfilled dreams. Phillipa feels good about what she has done, but wishes she could have achieved more personal growth and material accomplishments. Phillipa is very supportive of others and will give compliments and terms of endearment very easily. Also, put downs are harsh to her. Not only will Phillipa not use them but also she will try to stop others from using them. She is genuinely caring and very willing to tell people how she feels. Personal needs of safety and protecting the psyche have been put aside. She is often daring in reaching out to others and very positive.

The fatal flaw

Despite being Ximene’s best friend she is also the cause of many of her difficulties. She gathers and hoards information, which she then shares with others as a reward for their attention. The information about Ximene’s plans, which she gathers and then passes on, puts Ximene at risk.

The most dangerous woman in the world

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