Act V The Resolution

The combination of final tension and final peace was generated from a close adherence to the 18 point Hero’s Journey.

The Return Threshold.

Alyse pretends to be Ximene travelling towards Bordeaux camouflaging  Ximene’s true destination of Sicily.

 The Prince escorts them as far as Monsegur, a Cathar holy place, which always provides a spiritual and emotional experience for those who visit it.

Mastery of both worlds.

They arrive at Monsegur on the summer solstice when first light of dawn provides spectacular lighting effects. Ximene intends to use this phenomenon as the backdrop for the consummation of her relationship with John, but they are interrupted.

 Du Guesclin makes yet another attempt to kidnap Ximene.

This time his attack turns into a pitched battle in which the Prince leads his soldiers to a convincing victory

Freedom to live

Ximene awaits John’s return but realises that something must be wrong. Despite objections from Guillam she rides determinedly towards the scene of the battle.

This, she realises is the freedom she sought. Freedom to give her life if necessary to save the one she has come to love.

Here we have the classic denouement.  For Ximene this is, in the Greek sense a “comedy”. In the modern sense it is a triumph of the spirit read triumph of the Spirit.

The Escape

Du Guesclin’s  agent penetrates the Château with the intention of  murdering Ximene. His purpose is recognised and his efforts nullified. The escape is perfectly executed. Ximene is now free

The Holy Place

Ximene’s first night of freedom is spent at Monsegur, a Cathar Holy Place. It is reputed that just visiting this place will have profound efffect on the rest of your life. 

The Solstace

She plans to use this inspiration and combine it with the strange lighting effect which occurs at Monsegur on the summer solstice to form a spiritual and physical union with John. They are however disturbed at the critical moment.

The Battle

The Prince’s Army crushes the combined forces of the Inquisition and Du Guesclin clearing the way for Ximene’s final escape. John however vanishes in the aftermath of the battle. Ximene’s first use of her freedom is both unusual and inspiring. She refuses to take the opportunity to escape preferring to risk her life to try to save the man who has become so devoted to her.

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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