Henry V

Henry V provides an interlude in all the fighting. He is Shakespear’s “Hero King”. Certainly he had an impressive military record.

He was personally responsible for the victory against the triumvirate of Owain Glyndower, Henry Percy and Edmund Mortimer, son of the edmund mortimer who had married Phillipa of Ulster. He was badly wounded at the battle of Shrewsbury and his face badly scarred. It is rare for the scar to be shown in dramatic representations of his life.

He was one of the better Lord Lieutenants of Ireland and led the english army to victory at Agincourt. he was so successful, both politically and militarily in France that in 1422 his son was crowned King of France in 1431.

richard-of-conisburgh Both Edward of York and Richard of Conisburgh were the sons of Isabel Perez. Richard was accused of treason and executed by Henry V on the eve of the Agincourt Expedition and Edward conveniently died shortly after during the battle itself. One of only four senior English casualties.

He died young in 1422 at the age of 35. Regardless of wether he was the rightful king, the history of both England and France would have been very different if he had lived longer. His son Henry VI came to the throne
at the age of nine months and a regency council was established to rule in his name. The council was an unmitigated disaster, simply providing a venue for the ambitions of the factions to become exposed and inflamed

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