In the 14th century, for some Cathars, the fight is over.

Attendance at Cathar functions seems futile and irrelevant. They believe that no matter what they do, in another generation the Cathar faith will be forgotten.

Brought up to attend the sacraments of the Roman Church in order to hide their true faith, now they must comply with a requirement that all education is carried by priests or members of religious orders. Ximene is a Cathar, but she is one of a minority who are determined to stay true to the Old Religion whatever the inconvenience, whatever the risk.
She calls herself a “Good Christian”, but she knows that she does not share a single article of faith with the other ” Christian” faith, the Church of Rome. This in itself would be of little concern to Cathars but for the fact that the Church of Rome is determined to totally eliminate those who hold views which are difference than their own dogma. Cathars describe their god as a pure spirit. God is the power behind the universe, but that power has been misdirected and distorted by the Devil into the evil material world.

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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