The Cathar Testament

Ximenes beliefs, which are not necessarily shared by all Cathars, are based on a very different story to the one told by “Orthodox” and “Roman” Christians.

To generalise her beliefs:-

The reason Jesus attracted notice was because he was not a  “Carpenters son” but the conjoin of many important blood lines.

What he said was given credibility because he was such an important person, he was heir to the whole known world.

He decided to preach a Messsage of Peace instead of claiming his Earthly Kingdom.

He meant to break away completely from the Old Testament.

His god was not God the father, quite possibly the Good God was Isis or the Sol Invictus Trio of Ra, Mazda and Bel.

His death was an illusion, stage managed by the Roman authorities. It either never happened at all or there was trickery to permit him to “ressurect”.

His message was actively promoted by  Roman Governments from Tiberius’ through to  Constantine.

The same Governments tried to suppress the Church of Rome, the Jewish adaption of  Jesus ministry.

Mary Magdelene was a partner not an apostle.

Mary Magdelane had dark skin.

Our faith was propagated by Jesus,  But Jesus message was different, radically different to the message delivered by the Roman church

The task now,  is to see if it is possible to construct a scenario in which  this difference can be explained  and some or all of these beliefs can be accomodated. It will not be possible to provide proof,  therefore the scenario will be included under “Pseudo-History/ The Alternative Testaments”

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