Not the same punishment

Different Motivation

Because the Cathars believe that the material world is Hell and we are all struggling to escape, their motivation is different. They try to lead good lives for the reward of eternal pleasure and peace. The Church of Rome in contrast uses the threat of eternal damnation as it’s chief source of motivation. Cathars also believed in reincarnation. Their will be no escape from hell until the end of the physical world. Unless…

the consolamatum

Cathar Perfects indulged in a little mysticism of their own. They taught that Jesus had knowledge of a special blessing which until his time was known to a very few holy men. He had passed on this blessing to a select few and they had passed it on to others who promised to live “a Perfect Life” . This blessing ( the Consolamentum) can be given to anyone who wishes to receive it.  The benefit of the blessing was that the recipient could avoid endless rebirth and enjoy the benefits of union with the good god at the completion of their current incarnation. Their were conditions however. The recipient of the consolamentum must then abstain from the pleasures of the physical world until death. After the Albigensian Crusade the Church of Rome concentrated on breaking the link between the Perfects and the Credentes. Many Cathars came to believe that the blessing itself was not necessary  only the firm commitment to renounce worldly pleasure.

State of Grace

In the church of Rome  they belief that everyone at the end of their lifetime will go instantly to heaven, a place of peace and pleasure, or to hell, a place of eternal anguish and suffering. All that is necessary to go to heaven is to die in a state of grace and there is their own blessing called Extreme Unction, which can deliver that grace. Nevertheless most of the teaching of the Church of Rome concentrates on being in a state of grace at all times in case of accidental, unpredictable death. The only way to stay in this happy state is to believe every element of Dogma and comply with every rule set out by the Church of Rome.

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