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Ximene’s version places stress on the fact that little else matters other than reunion with the Good God, Certainly not material issues. She believes that salvation lies within each one of us. If we lead good lives , which means causing no concious harm to another human being then we will achieve our objective of union with the good god.  She believes that there is no need for churches,  bejewelled vestments or elaborate ceremonies.  She  does not even believe that the cathar consolumentum which can only be administered by a perfect of the faith is essential to salvation.  She believes that Jesus message was that ordinary people of all faiths have the same objective and the gods the worship are the same Good God, it is doctrinal religion which leads to error. The church of Rome teaching is a perversion of that message. The god of the old testament is Set the devil and  continuance of that worship will bring endless conflict and suffering to our world.Jesus was not a carpenter’s son

Ximenes beliefs are based on a very different story to the one told by “Orthodox” and “Roman” Christians. She believes that the reason Jesus attracted notice was because he was not a “Carpenters son” but the conjoin of many important blood lines.

What was his message?

What he said was given credibility because he was such an important person; because of his bloodlines he was heir to the whole known world. He meant to break away completely from the Jewish Old Testament. He decided to preach a Messsage of Peace instead of claiming his Earthly Kingdom. His objective was create one unified religion under one nation–the Roman Empire. One of the phrases for which he is best known is “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”. It follows that Jesus was supportive of the Roman State, an agent of the Roman state or a member of the roman state. His ministry was deliberately positioned in Judea as from the beginning it was recognised that the biggest threat to the acceptance of his message was from the followers of Jehova (Or whatever the Jewish god was actually called), He was not Jewish but was made to appear to be Jewish.

No nations, No religion.

Even though Jesus was an agent of the Roman Empire his message “One State, One Religion” was a valid concept. Without the conflicts between states an religions,the world could be at peace. At the core of the message was the teaching that concepts of the Gods Mazda, and Isis were valid and images associated with those religions were acceptable for those who gained comfort from them.

The illusion of the Crucifixion

Jesus death was an “illusion”. His “death” was planned in advance, so that he became a legend not a real person. It was intended that the new religion would be taken beyond the then boundaries of the empire so that the extension of boundaries might be made easier. Specific targets were the British Isles, North West Hispania, Germanica (Goths Vandals Avars Sueves), Parthia, Egypt, Arabia and India.

The plan unravelled

His original message was actively supported, by Roman Dictators from Tiberius’ through to Constantine. The same dictators tried to suppress the Jewish adaption of his ministry, which was intended to preserve their own religion.

The antagonism between the two versions of Christanity was inflamed with that attempt at suppression, but it was inevitable. The Jewish version of Christianity was eventually approved by Constantine and ironically became “The Church of Rome”. Constantine made this decision as the Jewish version of christianity had a large following and he assumed that if he made it the state religion he could modify it to comply with Cathar beliefs . Constantine himself was baptised as a Cathar.

He totally underestimated the strength of faith and the ruthlessness of those who espoused the Jewish variant of Christinanity. Persecution of the Cathars, Orthodox Jews and others who held a different faith started almost immediately.

Where did the message originate?

For the Persecuted Cathars, Jesus message remained radically different to the message delivered by the Roman Church and therefore the Church of Rome set out to eliminate them.

The Cathar beliefs contain overtones of something else. There are many aspects of their beliefs which are evocative of the Egyptian religion which predates Christianity. Is it possible that Jesus message was essentially an Egyptian message?

The task is to see if it is possible to construct a scenario in which  this difference can be explained  and some or all of these beliefs can be accomodated.  It takes the form of an alternative old testament and  an alternative new testament.  The theme of both these documents is that everything which happened in classical history was manipulated by the egyptian priests. These priests tried to avoid war by infiltrating the ruling class of other nations with full blooded Egyptians, members of the Egyptian royal family. The techniques used were fairly  simple. Egyptian princesses were married to foreign rulers or  politicians. Schools were established where the children of these marriages could be educated as Egyptians. Other Egyptians ( almost certainly close relatives, but from unknown backgrounds) were also introduced to these schools. The way this was acvhieved can be traced by two phenomena.  First was the Occurence of  “Miraculous Births”, in which the father was often claimed to be god or one of the gods.  Secondly the Egyptian priests and Pharohs practiced “Line Breeding” a technique which prevents the dilution of the genetic pool and if applied this technique spread to Persia and Macedon, indicating where Egyptian influences were at work. The egyptians wanted one state and one religion. the religion being of course the egyptian religion whereby there would be no challenge to the authority of  the Egyptian priests.

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