Ximene’s Prime


(1358-1370) Ximene looses her innocence and becomes a warrior and a traveller. She also uses this period to test out every aspect of living.

She abandons the task of creating a free Occitan in favour of generating the wealth necessary to create a haven where members of the Cathar Faith could worship free from persecution. Despite becoming wealthy she learns how difficult it is to achieve this end.

The seeds of her later development must be found in her teenage thinking, but they remain a mystery even to Ximene herself, to be unwrapped slowly as she learns from experience.

She falls in love with John Stanley and learns integrate pleasure with a longer term relationship based on care and affection. However her increasing wealth and her complex life style cause her to separate from John. They part with the belief that they will continue to help each other but their various ambitions will be best supported if no-one knows of their continuing relationship.

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