A special place

The Location

Though the line from Rennes le-Château took me to Persepolis, and there I had noticed the strange star, which I subsequently found out was the remnants of the celebration camp, I had no clear idea of what it all meant.

I started off by relating the exact position of Persepolis in relation to major cities in the region.

Centre Lines

the-lines After what Maurice had told me about symbology and and affront to Islam I was of course searching for a mystery symbology of some form. I could see the five pointed star clearly but could not see any attempt to construct a pentacle around it, which having come here from Rennes was really what I expected.

I decided to investigate the centre lines of the five pointed star, and constructed lines working gradually outwards from the centre of the star.

Round the World

centre Not knowing what I was looking for, I had a blank palette. I drew every line to circumbnavigate the world and immediately faced some surprises. The hemisphere centered on Persepolis contains virtually all of the ancient world. in fact looking at this diagram it would not be unreasonable to call Persepolis the centre of the ancient world.

The Oceans

the-far-side Switching to the other side of the world the intersection of the lines is close to the centre of the Pacific ocean and therefore the biggest area of water in the world.

The America’s

americas The curvature of the earth manages to hide the America’s


australasia Australia is also hidden by the earth’s curvature.

The Poles

noth-pole To get the full picture it is necessarily to look at the north pole, I have also show here the meanderings of the magnetic north .

south-pole And again the south pole again showing the meanderings of the magnetic pole. I was struck that in every view the lines seemed to mach a natural subdivision of world. for example two lines isolate Antartica whilst the line between them though not passing through the pole neatly bisects the landmass. it is not exact but seemed to be a better match to the natural subdivisions than does our normal system of latitude and longitude.

It was enough to stir my interest. I began to look for significant points which may lie on any of the lines.

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