The Mountains


five-no-island Turning to the next line it soon became apparent that the line passed through the very centre of Warsaw, a long way from Persepolis. in the south the line passes through several of the groups of the Maldives Islands


five-points The Maldives may be seen as irrelevant, but it must be remembered that water levels have risen since the last ice age. It is quite possible that there was a much larger land mass above the level of the Ocean. If so then this line would pass more or less through the centre of that land mass. But there are two other points on this line and they are both mountains.

Mt Suqavet


Mt Suqavet is in Eastern Turkey and as can be seen the line from Warsaw passes precisely over it’s Peak before reaching Persepolis.

Jebel al Haram

jebel-al-harim Jebel Al Harim is in Oman and again the line crosses it’s peak.

A Mountain chain?

maldives Here is the line passing through the Maldives and of course if the water levels were lower this could well have looked like a mountain chain.

The Royal Palace

warsaw The line does not just pass through Warsaw, it passes directly through the Royal Palace. History records that the first building took place around 600 ad. There is no way of knowing whether there was anything on the site previously. Why Warsaw? If the Persians controlled this branch of the silk rd (via the Dneiper /Vistula rivers)perhaps Warsaw was where their influnce end. Could it have been the end of one of the northern silk rdand that this therefore represented a rather different aspect of a “border”.

The explanation for all this gets more and more difficult. There are four, possibly five points which lie exactly on this line and if the exact aligment of the line to Dargaz is taken into account, this all becomes doubly difficult to explain.

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