Sacred Geometry

Cornford’s Suggestions


Cornford apparently suggested to Lincoln where the pentacles might be found. The published version of these pentacles is surprising. The main pentacle extends far beyond the limits of the painting permitting the establishment of a second pentacle within it. This in turn allows the establishment of what has become known as point X, the point at which the red haired shepherd is pointing.

poussin-composition To me, the construction of the pentacles based on the advice of the expert is in itself somewhat debatable. My father was an artist and used pentagons as an aid to composition. However he always constrained the pentagon to sit within the constraints of the picture.

In my opinion, but I have never been trained as an artist, this “constrained” solution is a
better fit with the overall composition of this painting. It just shows how subjective these interpretations can be. The implication is that this alternative interpretation would have substantially changed the outcome, putting “point X” at the centre of the pentacle.

Lincoln’s Conclusion

transition-1 According to Lincoln, it was the indentification of the pentacle structure in the poussin painting painting which led him to identify the “sacred geometry” of Rennes le Château and the plain of Lauzat and therefore another factor which reduced his interest in physical treasure and increased his interest in spiritual treasure.

The Transition

transition2 The gradual transition depicted here makes it possible to transfer the position of point X from the structural analysis of the painting to the topographical pentacle Lincoln identified in the plain of Lauzet.

transition3 This can of course be done manually by marking up a copy of Institut Geographique National Caete de Randonnee /2347 OT /Quillian- Alet-les Bains but the transition using computer technology makes it easy to see what is happening.

transition5 This final diagram of this sequence removes the painting altogether and leaves only the topographical pentacle.

google-topography-2 Using Google Earth it is possible to see that the majority of the points of the pentacle lie on high ground.

line-of-sight-2 Again using Google lines of sight, which would be necessary if the information were to be used as a guide to any special location can be identified.

Another clue

the-road-to-val-dieu De Sède subsequently gave Lincoln a further message concealed in document 2 which read “Bergere pas dentition que poussin teniers gardant le clef Pax DCLXXXI par la croix et ce cheval de dieu j’acheve ce daemon de gardien midi pommel bleues”

This does not really make sense, but Lincoln translated it as “Shepherdess no temptation that poussin rentiers hold the key peace 681 by the cross and this horse of god I complete (or I destroy)this demon guardian at midday blue apples.”

This brings the examination of Lincoln’s work full circle. the nane of Jean -luc’s restaurant was initially “Blue Apples’ and one has to wonder was that name chosen before or after this message from Géraude de Sède?

Lincoln felt that the code which obscured this message was “even more extraordinary than the message itself, the system was unbelievably complex and seemed to go far beyond the requirements of mere concealment”

If the coding was so complex why does the message make no sense? Perhaps the message needed even further de-codification?

An alternative translation

This alternative translation is inspired by Andrew Gough.

“Be guided to the belief that Poussin and Teniers hold the key at 681 681 by the cross on the road to Valdieu.

I have made a devious hiding place amongst the blue apples,”

What no one has mentioned is that 681 could be an erroneous rendering of 618, the golden number. In latin numerals 618 is rendered as DCXVIII so the mistake, if it is a mistake, would have to be deliberate what is more it is repeated twice for emphasis!

The combination of a meaningless translation and this intellectual joke raises questions as to wether de Sede’s “assistance” was in fact no such thing!

A different journey

google-confirmation For whatever reason Lincoln at this point veered away from a search for physical tresure and pursued eseoteric meanings for the mysteries of Rennenes le Château. In his book “the Holy Ground” he speculates on the existence of a super temple stretching over hundreds of square miles, evidenced by remnants which are all on a series of intersecting circles. Here I have given only the first circle as confirmation that we are indeed dealing with something which is very close to a perfect pentacle. here i have also included the Paris Meridien to show how close it comes to both Poussin’s tomb and Lincolns pentacle

Lincoln’s journey is one which at for the present I am disinclined to follow. I still believe it is all about the treasure and a vast treasure at that!

2 thoughts on “Sacred Geometry”

  1. just so that I know do we know who the only women in the picture is whose head is almost in the centre of the original small pentagon. And sounds like this guy did a lot.

    1. The lady you are interested is unknown. She is simply known as the red haired shepherd’s mother or alternatively as the shepherdess.

      Notice that the message deciphered from the second document included a reference to Bergere – french for shepherdess.

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