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The adventures of Ximene Trencavel.

This site gives details of the  novel about the adventures, romantic involvements and dangers faced by Ximene (Sheamaine) Trencavel, as she struggles to overcome oppression in the fourteenth century.

The music of the courts of love

Choose “In praise of Ximene” to hear the music of the courts of love, faithfully recreated by “the Groupe OC.”

Downloadable E-Books

Download the free E-books, in several formats, which currently give the opening chapters of The Prisoner of Foix, which is Volume I of the a series of books under the title of The Sword and the Chalice. This chapter introduces us to Ximene’s lifelong adversary, the evil Bertrand du Guesclin.
This will soon be extended to cover the whole book.

Dig deeper

The site however, contains much more than just a promotional pitch. It provides information on the writing techniques utilised (and the difficulties faced) in the production of the stories about Ximene. It also details the research which has been carried out to establish what Ximene believed and what kind of a person she really was.

Use this site to obtain a remarkable insight into everything necessary to develop a story and populate it with interesting characters.

The most dangerous woman in the world